Friday, December 13, 2013

Positivity Diminished

My step-mother's optimistic predictions of "home by the weekend" have fallen hard by the wayside.  My dad's been transferred to a "long-term care facility" that specializes in weaning people off respiratory assistance devices and getting them moving again.  My dad is still intubated, still on a ventilator.

And still sedated, though he appears to watch television for long periods.

My step-mother is now making "five or six weeks" noises.  But fact is, she has no idea.

On the bright side, he hasn't had a smoke in nine days.

On the not-so-bright side, their home is a hoarder's paradise.  Like stacks so high you have to shimmy along the wall in some rooms.  I have no idea how this is going to work out.  But if he recovers enough to come home, he's going to utterly lose cohesion.  At least if she goes through with her plan to call in a cleaning company before he comes home.

Let's hope their long-term care insurance is as good as its promises.


Speaking of health care and the like, I'm a hair away from canceling the biopsy for my arm.  The stinking hoops they're putting me through for a BIOPSY.  They want full blood work (CBC and CMP) an EKG, and they want to knock me out for it!


Which means another appointment with the orthopedist (35 bucks), an appointment with my PCP (25 bucks), the surgery center (100 bucks), another appointment with the orthopedist (35 bucks), then ANOTHER appointment with the orthopedist (35 bucks).  

Plus, the PCP's office made me move up my appointment by two weeks so that they'll have time to "refer me to a specialist," should anything be wrong with  my bloodwork.

A specialist?  How about a screw all y'all, this whole mess is OFF-alist?  

I hate to sound all crotchety and stuff, but it's a racket.  I'm tellin' ya.  I've had 42 medical appointments in 2 years, and most of it has been utterly unproductive and unhelpful.  

And devastatingly expensive.

I don't imaging this "pre-surgical physical" is going to go anything but badly, because I WILL not then schedule a 'regular physical' afterwards.  Blow me--a CBC, a CMP, and an EKG?  That is ALL you need from me for a year.  It's your job to advise me, but it's MY job to decide what to do with that advice.  And maybe, just maybe, what I want to do with that advice is . . . nothing.

Let me go to hell the way I want to.

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