Monday, February 18, 2013

Sequestration and Furloughs and Fajitas, Oh, MY!

As I've mentioned before, my husband is a Federal employee.  One of the millions of people held hostage by small, mean, stupid politicians looking to score points off our President, regardless of how badly it hurts individual families, no matter how big a ding it puts in our economic recovery.

In fact, I think these "people" WANT our economy to suffer, they want people to hurt, because then they can blink innocently and point the finger at our President.

I hate them.  Know that.  They string America along, never giving us anything long-term enough to really dare breathe, and leave us constantly trying to figure out how we'll survive.

Thankfully, hubby's department has been scrimping and saving, so they've got the money to keep everyone on, should sequestration hit.  But if there's no budget?

We're looking at a government shut down.

Let me tell you something about government shut downs--they don't SAVE money.  They COST money, because when the government starts up again, all that work is STILL there, piled up over the days or weeks.  And guess what?  All those federal employees left sitting at home, furloughed?  Now come back and pack in the overtime trying to get the work done.  And if they didn't?

Americans would scream.  They would shout and shake their fists.  They would squeal at having to wait weeks or months for something that would have only taken days.

Shutting down the government is far more expensive than keeping it running.

But, again, it's not about saving money any more than it was EVER about "jobs, jobs, jobs."  It's about poking our President and playing the game.

And I hate that, too.

Enough of that.

I cleaned the computer desk today.  Now everything, monitor included, sits a good six inches back. Yes, I had that much paper and the like stuffed back there.  We made some nice bergamot blend candles today, plus hubby MOPPED THE KITCHEN FLOOR!  Oh, joy!

Believe it or not, that's cleaner.  Much cleaner!

Dinner is Fajitas.  Boneless, skinless organic chicken, red, yellow, and orange bell peppers, spices, sliced onions, and a little fat-free sour cream on Kontos Lavash.  I like the lavash more, and it's got fewer calories and carbs than most tortillas.  Having it with low sodium black beans (with a little corn, peppers, and spices mixed in) and one serving of Uncle Ben's Spanish rice.

Dinner cooking

Wonder-smoothies for dessert.  No pics, though.  Maybe later!

Time for "The Following."  Maybe more later tonight!


  1. My son has been waiting since November for his passport renewal. He is going to Thailand in April. What can he do?

    1. He should check the status of his passport if he hasn't already--he can do that here: It's been longer than six weeks, he should definitely find out what's going on. There's still time to get it expedited if there's been a problem. He should hurry, before congress runs us off a cliff and the government shuts down or the passport agency takes furloughs. What's he going to be doing in Thailand?

  2. Here's an even better link: