Friday, February 15, 2013

Pre-planned Badness

I never had any use for the "diet during the week, go crazy on the weekends" method of dieting.  Mostly because I didn't think I could do that without my weekends getting longer and weeks getting shorter until every day was a "bad" day.  But I had to try something new.

I had to, because, after 180 lbs lost, I was all outta steam.  My weight loss had stalled, I'd tried all the tricks alleged to get things moving again, but there I sat, gaining and losing the same five pounds.  Until I gave up.  Until all my "just this once" excuses converged into a 65 pound gain.  On the bright side, I'm still down a hundred and fifteen pounds.

On the not-at-all bright side?  Instead of being at my goal weight, I'm 65 lbs heavier than I was a year ago.  So it's time for a new approach.  And that new approach is this--Monday through Friday, I'm good as gold.  The weekend?  I'm free.  Just finishing up the second week of this, and I'm down seven pounds.  Please.  I need something to take.  I've tried being reasonable and good all the time, making positive changes (most of which stuck), but 1200 calories a day isn't a heck of a lot of food.  I need the break.

Went to Wegmans tonight.  Found some amazing fruit, things I'd never seen before, like "Sumo" oranges (look like giant, knobby minneolas) and Opal apples.  Also grabbed more of my Macoun apples, a few Bosc pears, and star fruit and kiwi for the boy.  Oh, and blood oranges!  Haven't seen those in ages!

It wasnt a good night at Wegmans, though.  Normally, the folks there are super-friendly, but tonight we got stuck with the surly, impatient, snotty checker from hell.  Name was Eunice.  Funny, her name was the closest to "nice" she got.  A lot of impatient sniffs and tuts, a lot of slamming our groceries around and bagging carelessly, and even a pissy sigh with an eye roll when hubby handed her seven whole coupons.  Oh, and she actually demanded that hubby count the oranges.  Packed the Eclairs (for the weekend) sideways so the chocolate scraped off on the lid.  It was very disappointing--we go to Wegmans, in large part, because it's NOT a Walmart experience.  But Eunice sure made it feel like one.  We actually sent a complaint in to corporate.  This is only the second time in a year-and-a-half we've gotten rude service at Wegmans.  The first time was at the Wegmans near Fairfax, but we let it pass because it's not our usual store.  This one is, and I won't put up with it.  I don't want Eunice fired, I just want her to be spoken to, I want her to do better.

Hubby sort of has five days off.  He has five days home, anyway--Friday and Tuesday teleworking, and the days between off.  We like that.  A lot.

Set up an appointment for Charlie's vaccinations and heartworm test.  90 bucks.  Would have been more than twice that at our regular vet.  Astounding.

Speaking of medical crap, I've got a mammogram, a pelvic, an annual physical, and the stupid basal cell thing, all needing to be taken care of in the next three months.  Aren't I the pricy girl?

On the iPad.  I'll stick pics in tomorrow.

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  1. I read that it is good to eat afew more calories every week or two so your metabolism doesn't go into starvation mode. Sometimes I wonder how many calories just "pass thru". Thats why a big part of my eating is high in fiber. I'm thinking about trying to lose another five pounds over the next six weeks or so. I am holding steady, with little two or three pound ups and back downs. We have a Rally in Arizona on April 15, and it would be nice to be able to relax and enjoy the catered dinners. We shall see.