Monday, February 25, 2013

Well THAT Was Sad

So, I'm on the iPad late last night, watching a friend perform at the Hobbit Oscar Party in Hollywood ("The One-Expected Party," I believe it was called).  It was streamed live through  She plays the viola da gamba and the bodhran (Irish drum), and her band didn't hit the stage until around 2:50 am my time (and was followed by Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan).  Truth be told, though I do like both Billy and Dominic, I liked my friend's performance better.  It was lovely, and was definitely worth staying up for!

Between checking the live feed and playing solitaire, I was checking Facebook.  A message came up from a friend I've known since Mrs. Wixom's drama class at Highland Junior High in Ogden, Utah.

He posted something to the effect of, "Bug off!  I'm watching Walking Dead!"  As a fellow fan of Walking Dead, I "get" it.  I jokingly (OBVIOUSLY jokingly!) said something like, "Being on the east coast has its advantages--turns out everybody dies, they replaced the whole cast!  It's the biggest secret in TV history"  Obviously a joke, right?  Right?  I mean, nobody takes that seriously.

Except this guy, apparently.  He posted (verbatim here--this is a copy and paste), "I think, spoiling The Walking Dead, even as a joke, is funny. It's not. Unfriended. Bye."

First off, the atrocious grammar and punctuation? Utterly unlike this guy.  As is the freaky lack of humor and the over-the-top reaction to a harmless, funny joke.  I immediately assumed he was playing, that this was also a joke.  I was, in fact, SO certain of this that I responded with something like, "Nah, you need me--I'm slow and old, I'm just who you want with you in a zombie invasion--they'll be so busy eating on me you'll have time to escape!"  I clicked to post, but then the whole page disappeared.  I tried to click back to it, but no joy.  Finally typed his name into the search field, and no returns.

In other words, he dropped me AND blocked me.

What's sad is that, while he's deleted my original "killed everyone and replaced the entire cast" joke, my LIKING his "unfriended" post still shows.

So there I am, STILL thinking he's joking!  Still thinking that, in a few minutes, he'll unblock me and send me a "ha ha, wasn't that funny?" note with a friend request.

Except he didn't.  It appears he actually meant it.  He actually ditched me because I cracked a fake spoiler joke about Walking Dead.  And now he's got sycophantic "walkers" posting about, gosh, yes, wasn't that just terrible of her?  What an awful person!

Wow.  Dumbfounded and sad don't begin to cover it.  It has the feel of, to borrow from a friend, a guy with "bigger fish to fry."  The feel of a guy who was looking for an excuse to be a jerk to me.  Or, hey, maybe someone hijacked his account.  Because no way he ditches me over a pretend spoiler for Walking Dead.  No way--that was too obviously NOT a spoiler for him to have dumped me for that.  He's a smarter guy than that, he's got a better sense of humor.

Or so I thought.  Considering how sure I was this was all a joke, I guess you could argue that I have no idea what sort of guy he is.  Maybe he really is the kind of obsessed fanboy who would ditch someone over an obvious joke.  Maybe he is the kind of guy who makes grand "unfriending" announcements in order to look cool to the masses.  Maybe he really is that . . . SMALL.

And how does all of this make me feel?

Well, pretty much exactly like THIS:

I've had mutual friends step in, say it seems really off-color for him, offering to speak to him, play go-between, but no.  No, because it's a fine line between making overtures and harassment, and I don't want to come even close to that line.  Lesson learned, I guess.  We live in a country where people you've known for 34 years will ditch you (and block you to prevent you from asking why) because you cracked a joke about an AMC Zombie series.

Well, alrighty then.

The general consensus is "you're better off without him."  And I guess I'll have to try to find some comfort in that, though, truth be told, I'm not comforted.  I'm just bummed.  Sucks when someone you've known for this long, someone you thought was cool, turns out to be a jerk who doesn't care at all about you.  Sucks a lot.

Trying to line up my gynecology and dermatology appointments for the same day.  The docs are in the same building, so it would be super-convenient if I can get the appointments to line up.  Like the stars, you know?  But with scalpels and specula (speculae?).  Sadly, the first appointment I made was for a Wednesday with the gynecologist--doesn't it figure that the dermatologist doesn't work Wednesdays?  Gah.  Also need for the gynecologist to order a mammogram for me (time for my annual).  Hoping to inspire her to call in a script for my metoprolol, too.  I don't want to hassle with the "primary care physician" unless I absolutely have to.  She missed the mass.  She blows off research in favor of what she wants.  I don't want to see her again unless I absolutely have to.  I'm sure she's a nice person, but the moment you stick fingers in and insist there's no mass when I KNOW there is, when I've told you EXACTLY where it is, and then you don't even bother saying, "Whoopsie!" when I wind up requiring surgery for the removal of that mass?  I don't need you.

 Only gained 2 pounds over the weekend instead of the FIVE I gained two weekends before and the FOUR I gained last weeked.  Net, in two weeks, I'm down five pounds, i.e., I weigh five pounds less today than I did two Mondays ago.  And I seem to be doing better reining in my weekends while still splurging, so that's good.

The fact that this next paycheck is going to be astoundingly tight should help with that, huh?

Anyway, I'm outta here--time to let the dog out, mop the floor, grind some history and science into that boy, and maybe get in a nap--I only slept three hours last night, and I am super-tired.

No bad paneling.  I'm sad.

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