Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sad, Crazy SoCal Gunman

Have a friend in Glendora, they're watching this pretty closely.  We were talking about how some are already screaming that this is proof background checks don't work.

That's like saying dying in a car crash is proof seat belts don't work.  Hey, nothing is fool proof.  Nothing.  Doesn't mean doing our best to improve matters isn't worthwhile.

Anyway, guy's been holding onto this grudge for a long time, and, to be honest, I've known more than one cop who seemed to be dancing on that edge.  And this guy's got a more recent Navy stint under his belt, too.  That's a lot of stress and a lot of access to weapons for a guy who feels he was devastatingly wronged by the LAPD.

I hope he doesn't kill anyone else.

So, I was thinking I would post about dinner, since I was talking about it earlier.  With my diabetes, we like to keep the carbs lower (not LOW, I don't play any fad diet game).  So here it is:

2 ounces Dreamfield's Spaghetti (yes, it does make a drastic difference in my blood sugar)
2/3 cup Wegmans Parmesan and Romano Sauce
4 ounces julienned carrots (mixed in--that's what keeps me from heaping on the pasta)
1 Bistro Sensations sausage (low cal, lower fat)
3 homemade parmesan crisps--they're made in a muffin pan with home-ground parmesan and herbs.  Each crisp is 1/3 ounce of cheese.  They're super-tasty, and they keep me from wanting garlic toast.

Dessert, if we have it, will be smoothies--that's light vanilla almond milk, plus frozen blueberries, strawberries, black berries, and raspberries.  Oh, and banana.  Gotta have banana.  It's markedly lower in calories than most store-bought smoothies, and everything is fresh.  After sampling our boy's Dragonfruit the other day, I'm wondering if it might not go nicely in a smoothie, too?

I just reviewed Gold Bond Ultimate body powder over on Epinions.  Was looking over here to see if there's a picture, and instead found an advert for James Bond 007 Signature Gold Eau De Toilette.  Spray, of course.  Dang.  Okay.  Hey, maybe it smells super, duper good, right?  After all, my favorite perfume is called "Unforgivable."  Doesn't get much more stupid than that, fragrance name-wise.

Well, dinner is started, carrots cut, and here comes the hubster.  So here, have some bad paneling!

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