Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fine China and Murderous Star Fruit

So, I was reading about how to eat a Star Fruit the other day (I got one for my boy, and we'd forgotten how he divided and ate it last time) when I came across a rather important tidbit--I probably shouldn't eat Star Fruit.

It turns out, you see, that Star Fruit can be very dangerous to folks with disorders that might compromise kidney function.

Like diabetes?

Taking a look at the Star Fruit, you can see it has a sinister air:

And what's the risk to folks with messed up kidneys?  Well, death.  For a start.  Isn't that enough?

Here are a couple of articles:

I don't think my kidneys are in trouble, but I am diabetic, so I'll just skip the Star Fruit, thank you very much.  I did let our boy eat it--he's had it before and suffered no ill effects.  But, truth be told, I'm not likely to grab this for him again.  There are other fruits he likes just as well that don't carry with them a neurotoxin warning.

I was thinking today about home decor.  About my dream home and the lovely countertops and bedstands I would love to have.  I looked around at where we live--it's just in-between, you know? It's in that place between poverty-stricken college student whose bed is on the floor and whose books rest in makeshift shelves crafted out of milk cartons and cinderblocks and lovely, warm, welcoming pulled-togetherness that my inner grown-up really craves.  And then I got to thinking how odd it is for such things to become important.  How funny it is to care about the form when all that really should matter is the function.  I mean, with a fridge, it matters whether or not it pumps ice and water out the front, because that's a functional thing.  But does it matter if it's stainless steel, fake stainless "satin" look, or just plain white?  


I dunno.  But what I do know is that I want a nice dining room table to match our lovely chairs so I can put my fancy Mikasa china on it and have it look pretty.  Which is incredibly stupid, because what matters is how the food tastes.

So, the joy of making palm wax candles is on shaky ground.  Turns out palm wax, like palm oil, is an environmental nightmare--deforestation, habitat destruction, etc.  Problem is, soy's no better--massively genetically modified, being grown on clear-cut land in South America, etc.  Paraffin is a petroleum product that makes, in my opinion, ugly candles.  And beeswax?  Expensive, not as good for throwing scent, and not really practical in large amounts.  Looking into Malaysian palm wax, which is reputed to be sustainable and closely controlled for environmental practices.  Will probably cost a lot more than we want to spend, too.  

Beautiful crystal look on a homemade palm oil candle

Woke up screaming last night.  I suffer from night paralysis, and while it's normally just scary (can't breathe), and occasionally a lot of fun (I can sometimes decide what to dream in that state), sometimes it's nightmarish.  Like last night.  My eyes were just open enough to see the mirror across the room and the flower vase in front of it.  But in the dream, it was the doorway, not the mirror, and the flowers were someone's crazy hair.  So there was some big, crazy, huge-haired monster standing in the door way.  It was very threatening.  I managed to wake up enough to reorient and put the mirror where it belongs in my head.  But then the mirror itself became sinister--yes, that was a flower vase in front, but the REFLECTION of the flowers was actually some malevolent someone INSIDE the mirror.  I went from the "trying to scream but only groaning" to full-out SCREAMING.  I swear, sometimes.

The evil mirror of my nightmares

No word from the guy who ditched me on Facebook, either he's an epic jerk or this is a tragic misunderstanding.  Either way, it's time to move on.  

Just watched the video of that hot air balloon that crashed in Egypt.  I never wanted to hot air balloon, and now I really don't want to.  Very sad--even sadder, hearing the folks in the filming balloon praying for the folks in the burning one.  No, I don't "believe," but that doesn't mean I don't feel for people who are doing the only thing they can think of to try to help.  In fact, it breaks my heart to hear people put their heart out like that.

And on that cheery note, I'm going to call it a night.  Just watched Justified, and hey, being on the east coast has its perks--THEY KILLED THE WHOLE CAST, REPLACED THEM ALL WITH ROBOTS!  IT WAS THE BIGGEST SECRET IN TELEVISION HISTORY!

Go on, be a jerk.  Ditch  me for putting out a spoiler. 

I double-dawg dare you.

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  1. I've had the beautiful dining room for 25 years. I'm ready to move on.