Friday, February 8, 2013

The Mostest and Funnest Thing about Arthritis?

Is the unpredictability of it.  You know, the, "Ha-Ha, GOTCHA!" thing.  Two days ago, my back, shoulder, and neck were fine.  Last night?  So bad the pain was running down my arm and I had to think really hard--am I having a heart attack?  Or is my spine screwing up again?

I went with spine, but took aspirin instead of ibuprofen.  Just in case.

But it's not just the spine. That wouldn't be exciting if it were just the same thing over and over.  No, this, in fact, is a whole new way for my back/shoulder/arm/neck to hurt--not at all like that other way.  Plus, there's my thumb.  And my knee.  The knee hurt for three days, viciously, and then just . . . stopped.  I woke up this morning, and my thumb hurt.  Just the left thumb.  Only when I extend it back.

This is thrilling stuff.  Who needs skydiving?

Just reviewed Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid in Lemongrass and Clementine Zest.  It's pretty good stuff, though the price may take you aback if you're looking to save money.

I just wrote a gigantic bit on violence, bloody entertainment, guns, and kids.  And realized I didn't want to clog up this entry.  I'll post it on another, clearly marked so folks can just run if they don't want to get caught in a ten-pager.  Or I would have posted it, had I not forgotten to PASTE after I CUT.  Yeah, I think "mind of a toy" is the term you're looking for.  Hopefully, I'll remember to rewrite it.  At least the part about ROTC and the shooting range on my high school campus.  There--I've said it here, now I'll remember.

Speaking of gory, awful entertainment, hubby and I watched "Cabin in the Woods" last night.


Sorry, I don't really have much else to say about it.  It wasn't all that.

Huge storm hitting New England today.  Massachusetts' Governor just announced that all non-emergency vehicles must be off the road by 4 pm.  Might bring us a bit of rain, but I gotta tell you, I wish we'd get just one decent snow storm.  I knew I'd miss the snow, but I thought we'd get just a little more here.

I need a new scale.  This one's pretty to look at, but I just stepped on it six times, and got six different numbers, with a five pound range.  That's no good.

That boy failed to get up with his alarm.  I may feel too crappy to get on him much for it.  I dunno.

No word on the at-large ex-LAPD shooter today.  Don't tell me that one won't become a movie.  Well, a movie other than "The Negotiator."

I guess it's time to wake that boy up.  I wish I had popsicles.  Only a hundred calories, and they are so satisfying.  Oh, well.  I guess an apple will have to do.  Because that's almost exactly the same thing.


So, for the record, this:  

Isn't this:

Though it is a Maccoun apple, which I've never had before and is supposed to be really good.  Probably doesn't taste like chocolate, though.

But what if, huh?

And yes, that is a Weight Watchers fudge bar.  I don't usually go for the "dedicated diet foods" stuff, but those bars are super-good and really low in calories.

Oh, and a fun little note?  In the time it took me to type this up, my thumb stopped hurting.  Wish I could say the same about my back/neck/shoulder/arm.  But I can't.

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