Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's Coming

Fifteen days until the dentist appointments, and the panic is building.  In mine, I get to explain that the root canal they said I needed to fix the symptoms I was having did nothing to alleviate those symptoms.  In fact, it's all just like it was, except I let them kill a tooth and rob me 600 bucks.  Looking back, I realize just how STUPID I was.  When the dentist held the swab with the "make cold" chemical to test if the teeth were viable, he held it against RESIN on that tooth. RESIN!  The whole front of that bicuspid was resin.  So of COURSE he didn't get a normal response.


Plus, a bicuspid on the right side has gone over on me--it started out so oddly.  I have no molars on that side (bottom ones never erupted, top ones had to be pulled because they kept sinking until they were gouging into the lower gum), so I normally don't chew over there.  But for the almost FOUR weeks it took for them to complete the worthless root canal on the other side, I was forced to chew with that bicuspid.  Clearly, I damaged it.  I was eating a Healthy Choice popsicle one night, and after I'd finished, the tooth started to feel really weird.  There was a freaky, squirming/twitching sensation in the jaw/roots, and then a strange popping/crunching feel.  Next day?

Vicious cold sensitivity, like I've never encountered before in my life.  Plus, the tooth feels unstable.  Like it cracked internally or something.

No doubt they're going to say root canal or crown.  And I'm going to say "Bugger off--pull it if it's no good."  Because no way I've got 600 bucks, and no way I'm going through another root canal for a tooth that is neither functionally nor cosmetically important.

But that's not where the fear comes from.  No, the fear comes from my boy's same-day appointment.  That he's been complaining of cold sensitivity and pain isn't the issue.  No, the issue is those damned spots on his x-rays.  You know, the "first there was one, a year later there were two, now there are three, yes they're growing, no, we're STILL going to just watch and wait" spots?  The "Oh, hell, does my boy have bone cancer" spots?

And, of course, even NON-cancerous jaw tumors can be aggressive and disastrous.

So I'm panicking.  The unerupted canine doesn't help--because the deciduous tooth is smaller than an adult tooth, he's got a gap opening up there, and he's completely focused on it.

And we're completely unable to afford orthodontia.  Not this year, not next year.  Who knows when?  In the mean time, the adult tooth is hanging out in the roof of his mouth and he's obsessing.
So I'm panicked.  It's exhausting.


I've dropped a few reviews over at a new site,  Here's the link to my new review--please read it, and if you like it, share it:


And that's about all for today.  Well, not ALL--I want you to see a video I came across last night.  It perfectly illustrated why I could never be a pet rescue person.  I have ALL the respect and admiration for them, but I totally lack the emotional fortitude:

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