Friday, April 11, 2014

Karma Comes Back?

So, a post comes across my wall today, someone decrying the hit-and-run of her family's pet black cat.  Apparently, the cat was in the middle of the road and the driver who hit him didn't stop.  The driver BEHIND did stop.  This angry post went on and on about Karma and what a bitch it is, how hitting a BLACK CAT and then not stopping is a guarantee of deserved bad luck coming back.

Clearly, this is the case.  Karma obviously works because look what happens to people who let their cats wander on city streets.


This is the same person who, just last year, was positively cheering about the killing of stray/feral cats in her neighborhood because they might transmit diseases to her loose pets.

Are you serious?  You're worried about your pets, keep them INDOORS where pets BELONG rather than letting them wander. As it stands, I'm seeing you as the responsible party.  Hey, I GET having a cat that won't stay in the house--we had a big, black poof-ball named LOG who would dart past, pry open screens, and otherwise find his way out.  And, had he been hit by a car?  It would have been OUR fault.  No one else's.

Anyway, back to the black cat in the middle of the road.  I know it's so easy to assign nefarious motives to folks who've caused you hurt, but did it ever occur that maybe the person didn't know they'd hit your cat?  Or maybe they were afraid to stop for fear of a potentially scary confrontation with you?

The solution to your pets being hit by cars (or picking up diseases from strays) is to keep your pets in the house where they belong.  Let them out only in your yard, and only when you're there to keep them from wandering.  And stop passing the buck--responsibility for your pets is YOURS, not anyone else's.

And in case anyone is concerned, the black cat is fine.  45 minutes at the vet and all is well.  He clearly thumped the undercarriage rather than taking a direct hit.


An update here:  the landlord is booting us, has given us 60 days notice to vacate.  This isn't an eviction--he says we're the best tenants he's ever had, has offered a glowing reference.  But he's selling, and he needs us out so he can do that.  Which leaves us utterly screwed and possibly facing homelessness.  Truly.  So please.

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