Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Die, Junkie Parents, Die!

Okay, so the title here is a bit harsh. The sentiment maybe a little strongly stated. But the emotion behind it?

Dead sincere.

I'm watching my poor niece post again and again on her buttwipe junkie father's Facebook page. Sad, desperate missives declaring undying love and crying that she misses him so. Posts blaming his drunkenness on some girlfriend he may have had, tissue-worthy, rambling sprigs of Eminem lyrics.

His response?

Well, there hasn't BEEN one. Duh. He's in jail, and he has been for months. What's he in jail FOR, you ask?

Trying to sell meth to a cop. At Home Depot. Loser.

And this hapless, helpless moron isn't the worst parent my niece has. No, that prize goes to his scuzzbucket wife, who has dragged those poor kids through squalor and filth, exposed them to horrors I can only imagine. Exposed them to drugs, too. Frequently.

Enough that the children tested positive for exposure to multiple drugs. Damnable creature cooked meth in the same house where her children were sleeping, poisoned them with it. Cops found drugs splayed across the cheap coffee table in an apartment so toxic they wouldn't even allow family to fetch the children's belongings. Those belongings had to be dealt with by a Hazmat crew.

These kids are forever scarred. The younger two are stunted, both in stature and developmentally. But the worst of it? The worst is listening to them spout their parents' lies. Listening to them demonize landlords, social workers, police officers, and family members who have refused to facilitate their parents' addictions. Their parents--especially their mother--has ground into them a belief that all the world is to blame for their situation. Evicted for months of not paying rent and tearing places to bits? It's the landlord's fault, he's a "Bad Man." Family struggles to step in, to help the kids? We're "Bad" and "Trying to Steal Them." Cops and social workers try to intervene, to save these kids? They're "Asshole Cops" and "Bitch Social Workers."

These kids seemed dumbfounded when I explained that we don't get Foodstamps. That, in fact, most families don't. I don't think they quite believed me.

The very worst is seeing my niece beg those two scumsuckers to love her. Reading her posts and just wanting to scream, "Sweetie, you are BETTER than that, you deserve MORE than that, you are ABOVE these slugs!" But you know how kids are--if I tried to explain to her that she needs to value herself more highly, that she needs to stop admiring them and realize that they don't deserve her, she would shut down. She would be heartbroken. And yet, if she doesn't learn that, then she's going to go out into life believing that the sort of abusive, neglectful, utterly poisonous upbringing she received is what she deserves and should expect.

If you're a junkie, give your kids over to someone who cares, who loves them and isn't a loser, low-life nard. No, that doesn't mean shove them off to your welfare buddy so she can get more foodstamps and you can then freeload off her for as long as she'll tolerate you. It certainly doesn't mean ditch your kids with relatives for months on end while you keep cashing the welfare checks and selling your foodstamps to support your addictions. If you're a junkie? Just back away. Sign whatever needs to be signed, cooperate with those who can and will care for you kids, and move on. I'm not asking you to clean up--I don't care if you do or not. Go ahead, be a junkie, waste your life on crappy drugs, give blow jobs in alleys to pay for your heroin or meth. But get your kids the hell away from you so you can self-destruct without splattering them with your gore.

Just because you suck doesn't mean you have to suck them down with you. If you don't care enough to get your act together, then make a clean break and take your act somewhere away from your kids. It's their only hope.

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