Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Doctors, redux

So I had my appointment up in Rockville, Maryland. We weren't sure how long the drive would take, so we left early. TOO early. Wound up arriving an hour before my appointment. The Doctor? Agreed to see me an hour early. Boy, that's one way to score points with me. I like her--she's very personable, chatty, calm, and very, very liberal, politically-speaking. She did a great job of putting me at ease. My blood pressure was shockingly normal for a doctor's office visit--I usually "white coat" pretty severely. Maybe I'm just happier here, huh?

The only problem with my new doctor? She says she cannot feel the bump in question. She insists it's not there, it must have been a cyst that drained. Except that's not the case, because it is still there--the moment we got home, I had Tommy check. It's still there, same size, same spot. I have a follow-up appointment end of this month for a cystoscopy, and I'll ask her again then.

This means one of two things--either the thing that Tommy's feeling is supposed to be there and isn't the thing my old doc's office found OR my new doc is a dipshit. Obviously, I'm hoping for the former.

So I'm not sure what to feel here. Relief? Deeper concern because I didn't really get an answer and time is ticking on by?


I'm still losing weight, though the pace has slowed. I ONLY weigh 60 lbs more than my husband. I know, most women would be horrified, but not me--see, I've ALWAYS weighed more than my husband, even when we first met and I was in size 7 jeans. But I used to weigh a good 200+ lbs more, so only 60? That's positively slim!

We walked the Occoquan Bay Wildlife Refuge on New Year's day--it's so amazing, being able to put in 4 miles or so without feeling like I'm dying. Oh, hell, who am I kidding? Last year this time, walking to the CAR from the APARTMENT left me winded and in agony. Like I keep saying, I'm not going to ever do that looking back over a year and wondering where I might have been, had I only started a year ago. This time, I'm going to look back and see 180 lbs GONE. I'm going to KNOW what I could have done because, gawdammit, I DID it.

You can, too. Get on it.

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