Saturday, December 29, 2012

The week between Christmas and New Years

Is looking like the one that's going to end me if I'm not careful.  Went nuts on dinner tonight--not so much calories (well, until the homemade milkshake for dessert), but astounding carbs.  Like "blood sugar pushing 200" carbs.

I know how to do this better.  I know how to make smoothies that don't load my carbs or spike my blood sugar.  I know not to have garlic bread AND pasta the same meal with breaded chicken.  I KNOW this stuff.  So stop it.

Just stop.  It's enough.

I'll do a proper entry tomorrow.  Maybe even with paneling.  On the iPad right now, makes for irritating blogging.


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  1. I am learniqng to writ the begining of a post on the iPad, then reopen it and edit and check spelling etc. plus insert pictures if any on my lap top. Crag bought the laptop for myBirthday a couple of years ago, but he hogs it. He got the iPad as a retierment gift, but doesn't like it except for soulitaire.