Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well, that was 35 bucks down the drain

Did the delousing with permethrin rinse on Monday.  Found three live lice on my head via nit-comb after a shower today.  Guess that didn't work.  Really don't want to spend 12 hours with Malathion on my head, but not about to blow time, effort, and hope on wives tales that don't work (like mayonnaise or olive oil).  Going to give pyrethrins a try.  If that doesn't work, going to try dimethicone, which isn't an insecticide, but rather screws with their ability to stay hydrated plus makes them easier to comb out.  And if THAT doesn't work, then I guess it's Malathion Time.

Cue bad MC Hammer music just because it pleases me.

I did go at my head/scalp with the blow dryer on high heat--hot enough that I scorched my fingers touching my super-heated hair.  That's supposed to be effective.  However, I'm pretty sure I can still feel them on my head. 

This is horrifying.

So off to Walgreens for Rid, I guess--that's the pyrethrins one. 

I'm trying to be reasonable about this.  After all, head lice aren't dangerous.  They don't spread disease (unlike other lice).  They don't actually do us harm. 

So why do I want to pour kerosene all over my head and put torch to it?

Our boy is upstairs, washing his hair.  And then I'm going to nit-comb him.  Again. 

I can't even describe how pitched this has got me.

Found this pic on numerous sites, never credited.  I dreamed this very thing all night.

Update:  nit-combed the boy.  Got almost 3/4 through with no lice, no nymphs, and no nits.  And then I hit a patch over his right ear and holy cow.  Maybe a dozen?  I pulled the comb away from his head to inspect it and a dozen or so came boiling out from between the teeth of the comb.  Damn!   

Spoke to the family doctor (ish--she's on vacation, got one of the partners)--she called in a script for MORE permethrin.  I told her we've already used it, but she insisted--she said this is five percent instead of one percent and she feels confident it will work.  If it doesn't, then she wants to see us.  No.  If it doesn't, then we'll get the pyrethrin, and if that doesn't work, we'll get the dimethicone, and if all that (with all the attendant nit-combing) doesn't work, THEN we'll see her.  No way we're dropping 25 bucks per for office visits over lice unless all else has failed. 
Oh, and it turns out there is one of the heat treatment centers locally.  You know, the fancy heat attachment that desiccates the little bastards?  Too bad about the up-to 250 bucks per for treatment. 


  1. We went to a movie tonight and I was uncomfortable about sitting in a sof theatre seat. What if the last person had lice?

  2. Oh I am SO sympathizing with you on this one. I suppose you've exiled all stuffed toys (to the freezer in an airtight container for a couple of weeks, and washed all of the bedding, vacuumed the mattresses/sofa/carpets etc? I am so sorry. I do know your pain and only people who have gone through it can really know what a nightmare it is. And yes, I have those dreams too!