Thursday, March 28, 2013

I know, it's SO lame when people do this

But I'm going to post pictures of food because I'm hungry and I want to.  To my credit, this is ALL food that's actually been IN this house and/or in my belly!

Cardamom Tea with Ma'amoul Cookies

Hamburger Dogs--NO, I didn't eat them, they were hubby's

Fabulous Peach Shakes in Utah

Philly Steak with Provolone, Onions, Mushrooms, with Corn and a Brussel Sprout on the side. That's a hollowed out roll, low fat beef, pan seared (instead of oil fried) onions and mushrooms, and low fat provolone.  Oh, and no butter or salt on the corn.

Low cal/carb bread, with broiled chicken, Cabot's low-fat cheddar, and 1.5 slices of bacon. The potatoes are my boy's, and that second, deformed ear of corn sprouted up in our back yard from the bird feed.  Kinda tough kernels, easy to see the difference between feed corn and people corn.  

Grown in our garden maters 
Christmas Sugar Cookies

Homemade Pecan (which I don't like) and personal pumpkin pies (the smaller the pie, the less we eat!).

Ketchup at National Harbor

Funnel Cake Fries at Ketchup.  Talk about a once a year food!

Egg Nog and Brownie with Chambord and Blackberries.  Too Rich.

Much wonderfully tasty produce, all consumed quickly and merrily!

Heidelberg Bakery in Arlington 
Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies
Across the street from Pat's King of Steaks.  Pat's, not Geno's.
Pat's King of Steaks--a "Provi Wit."

Wegmans Bakery

Julienned carrots for pasta

Iced Mochaccino from Mayorga at National Harbor. Mayorga's totally displaced Starbucks for us. Better, and we feel better about corporate.  

Christmas Dinner--the orange stuff is roasted butternut and sweet potato

Thanksgiving Crackers
Thanksgiving Cheese

Farmer's Market Cinnamon Bread

Muscadine Grapes


Homemade parmesan cheese crisps (these aren't a lot of calories)

Our Boy's Homemade Birthday Cheesecake

Our Boy's Birthday Cheesecake

Farmer's Market Cinnamon Apple Bread with Irish Butter

Farmer's Market handmade chocolates

For fajitas, tuna sandwiches, and the occasional cheese melt

Maccoun Apple


Star Fruit

Weight Watchers 100 calorie fudge bars 

Dreamfield's pasta with julienned carrots and squash, low-fat chicken sausage,
and homemade cheese crisps. Or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

And that's all.  That was strangely cathartic.  Like maybe I'm okay with just a sandwich tonight with lots of veggies.  And I have to say, to my credit, that that's 2 years worth of "goodies," not all downed in a decadent month of gluttony.

Hope I didn't bore you to death.  Promise not to do another Calorie Collage for at least a year!

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