Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Everybody Else's Woo is Fair Game, but Hands Off Mine!

Ohhh, this came across my wall today, and GOODNESS, the firestorm!

Why a firestorm?  Because, sometimes, even folks who embrace skepticism and research-based evidence have their own little bit of woo hanging out inside, and they don't like to see THEIR woo lumped in with everyone ELSE'S woo.  So I'm seeing posts like, "Of COURSE Scientology is total bollocks, but what do you MEAN the qi and body energy are BS?  Ask any TIBETAN MONK . . ."

Tibetan Monk. Yeah, exactly where I'm going to turn for evidence-based, valid, reliable research.

Shhhh.  Shhhhh.  It's okay.  Back slowly away from the internet meme and take a deep, cleansing, breath.  Take your ka and your qi and go home if you don't like this game--hurry, before my skepticism sullies your aura.

Remember how I talked about the movie Kumar√©, about how there are people who seem absolutely compelled to believe in woo?  They ping-pong from one deeply "spiritual" thing to the next, embracing everything from magical runes to fairy circles, insisting that certain stones can heal, certain vibrations can cure, and the world is full of colors and spirits and wooooooo!


Here's where it gets personal for me.  See, I tried.  I ran the gamut, from tarot cards and Ouija boards to calling quarters and wearing certain stones. I grew up Christian, tried Hindu (or actually the dippy, New Age, Western attempt at feel-good neo-Hindu), Buddhist, various "goddess-y" bits of paganism, etc.  Because I felt like . . . like I was supposed to?  People always ask, "But you believe in SOMETHING, right?"  It took me years to realize that there's no reason to believe in something.  That being able to flash your believer card to fit into some club isn't good or right or admirable.  Being proud of embracing this mythology or that?

I don't get it.  I don't get where the pride comes from.  I get believing--death's a scary thing, it's comforting to believe that this isn't it.  It IS it, but I get seeking the comfort.

I don't get making believe you believe.  I don't understand people who know better, but roll with it anyway.  Either they're deluding themselves or they're lying.  Neither of those is particularly healthy.

But what really floors me is the over-the-top PRIDE, the pushing woo like it's something admirable.  "I believe in talking animals and auras and baking soda cancer cures and magic stones and invisible beings and . . ."

And the hilarious part?  These same people will roll their eyes at OTHER PEOPLE'S WOO.  A Christian might laugh at a Mormon, a Mormon might scoff at a Scientologist, a Scientologist might ridicule a Wiccan, etc.

An atheist might laugh at 98% of the woo, then become righteously irate when someone downs his qi.

Hey, guys?  Embrace what you will, enjoy it, but until you understand what science is and offer up your woo for in depth, rigorous examination by the scientific community?  Shut up about how much better YOUR woo is than anyone else's.  Because from out here, it all looks the same.

And in case anyone's wondering?  Yeah, I have experienced things I can't explain. But I refuse to argue from ignorance, I will not say, "I can't explain this right now, so it must be some big, super-powerful, invisible being!"  No.  I stop at "I can't explain this right now."  Tossing it into the realm of super-duper-deity or ghosties?  That's terrifically unenlightened.  As a species, we did that for millenia, and it did not serve our best interests.  It quelled query, it oppressed thinking, and it held us up in myriad ways.  Whatever I've experienced that defied explanation?  Science will get to it eventually.  If we let it.


Doctors appointments tomorrow.  I actually bought my own hospital/exam gown.  Last time I was at the gynecologist's (the only time for this office), they had no gowns, only these tiny, TINY little paper drapes, just barely big enough to cover from low down on the breasts to upper thigh.  I felt absolutely vulnerable and COLD and embarrassed.  I've seen paper drapes before, but this one was half the size they normally are.  Gynecology is rough enough on us, don't make us sit there clutching oversize napkins to our chests.  Plus, places that DO have gowns usually have small gowns.  Yeah, I can get them on and cover up, but they're tight in the arms and uncomfortable.  So I have my own.  I strongly recommend making that purchase if you're bigger or if your doc doesn't believe in gowns.  

Speaking of doctors, I'm getting nervous.  I jumped through a lot of hassle-y hoops to get my gynecology appointment at 9 am and my dermatology at 11 am.  Got a call yesterday confirming my 11 am (although it's been changed to 11:05, which is fine).  Got a call today confirming my 2 pm dermatology for day AFTER tomorrow?  Just got off the phone, cancelling that while stressing that TOMORROW'S appointment is still a goer.  But I've heard nothing from the gynecology office.  And her office staff tends toward the . . . dull.  Easily confused.  I'm scared to call and confirm for fear they'll screw up and cancel it instead (yes, I've had that happen at other places).  


*****Update***** I called, confirmed.  Woman seemed very shocked that I have an appointment tomorrow, but the appointment IS there and she did seem to grasp that I was calling to CONFIRM, not cancel.  Cross those lucky fingers, speaking of woo ;-)


Armus was put down yesterday.  Very sad, she was a good, good dog.  The guilt at having left her may never abate.  Yes, I know that we had no choice, but she didn't know that.  I hope she didn't hang around, just waiting for her people to come home.


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