Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nothing Good

Well, back to the stupid names thing.  If the urge to name your daughter ANALIS hits, hurt yourself.  Bad, hard.  Before you fill out that birth certificate.

Please, for your daughter's sake.


Still no word from the landlord.  I find myself okay for a while, and then I remember, and it's instantaneous--my arrhythmia goes nutty, I feel that rollercoaster adrenaline-hit to the chest, and I feel trapped, helpless.  

My mom offered to pull the last three grand of dividend out of her life insurance policy if necessary.  So, of course, my sister wrecked my mom's car.  Same day.  No, not intentionally, but dang, doesn't that just figure?  At least no one was hurt.

Except my ability to relax even a little bit about this.  That took a vicious hit.  

Not THE car, just a representative mock-up

I'm considering offering online "atheist tarot readings and horoscopes."  For a fee.  I'm not joking, why not?  Make it clear right up front, "This is for entertainment purposes only" and "your future misforetold by a real, live atheist!"  Provide photos of the card layouts and everything.  

Hey, I'd pay five bucks for that.  If I had five bucks.  

Gorgeous picture, I've linked it back to the site where I found it.


Ever have a friend you really love, you adore, and you know is a total racist?  Not a racist like "lynch 'em/no race traitors/papers please," but rather of the "I LOVE my Mexican homies/I'm not a racist, I know ALL blacks aren't . . . " variety.  You know, the kind who makes sure everyone knows he's not a racist because, look, here's another picture of him slamming back a cold one with his black friend?


Well, I have one of those.  We've been friends for decades, since junior high, really.  And last night, he posted a picture.  A meme.  And it was breathtakingly racist.  So bad that I literally gasped.  I called my husband in, and the first thing he said was, "He must have been hacked, no way he'd post that!"

Except he WOULD post that, and I know it.  He'd post it, and he'd argue strenuously that it's not racist, it's just funny, lighten up, you-know-me-I'm-no-racist.

It was terribly disappointing, and I stared at the post for a good 20 minutes, trying to decide what to do.  I mean, this is my friend and I love him.

And he's a racist.

In the end, I settled on asking, "Hey, dude, did you get hacked?"  I got no answer, and I already know the answer, but I'm hoping that communicates my shock.  Another friend came in with, "Wow, seriously?"  And now?

Now the post appears to be gone.  I'd like to think the post is gone because he's come to the sudden and sharp realization that the meme was utterly racist.  More likely, he didn't realize that posting it on his kid's wall would make it show in the feeds of all his friends.

No, that doesn't matter, but if you have to be a racist, at least be a sensitive one, right?


Following the story of a 64 year old atheist woman who's been in the U.S. legally for better than thirty years.  She's shooting for citizenship, but, when she answered on the paperwork that she's a conscientious objector who wouldn't take up arms for this (or any) country (remember, she's 64 years old), she was told that only believers can object to war on moral grounds, and that she has until Friday to join a church or see her application for citizenship denied.

"Join a church or go away."

Wow, welcome to 'Murrica!

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