Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baggers Push to Shut Down the Government--take SEVEN

What a fool I've been.  I actually thought that maybe John Boehner would not be our Silly Putty Speaker this time out.  I actually thought that he might be something other than the obstructionist, mean-spirited, easily-manipulated, utter TOOL that he has been since--well, since he took national public office.  I actually thought he might have something vaguely resembling stones and stand up to the BS from the ratty Bagger contingent.

Oh, what an IDIOT I am!  I'm expecting this man to grow stones and a backbone when that would require some vestigial bit of humanity from which to work.  Can't sprout human parts from a squid.

Or a sponge.

So the right keeps trying to defund "Obamacare," even though it WORKS, even though it will cost folks LESS, even though it is MORE efficient AND provides poor people with insurance.


Yes, they'll keep doing this until they can kill the program--not because it's a bad program, not because they have anything better (or anything at ALL, even) to offer up in its place, but because it came from the Black guy, and they hate the Black guy.

So, once again, my family is facing that cliff.  I have a growing lump in my arm, we have NO savings, we're scrabbling to pull ourselves back from that edge, and here's John-Stinking-Bendover-Boehner, looking to shut down the government and put my husband out of work (and my family out of food, rent, and medical care) because he's the mouthpiece for the petty, stupid, selfish, corporately-sponsored right.  The Mike Lees of the world.  You can't imagine the horror of knowing that even leaving that pit of a state 2,000+ miles behind hasn't saved me from Utah's Mike Lee.

The immaturity and stupid, lumbering slyness of the right is scary enough.  That there are enough people in this country stupid enough to fall for the slick mega-corporation money that funds their campaigns (money flooding in from industries looking to buy representation) is even scarier.  We are a nation packed with people who think that a 30 second campaign commercial teaches us all we need to know, and THAT is terrifying.  At the very most, that 30 second advert should be the jumping off point for major research.  But no--we're too dull-witted to think things out for ourselves.  We let the NRA, the oil lobby, and polished, manipulative political advertising feed us our ideas and then we vote just like we've been told to.

Is it any wonder the right is so often behind efforts to cut educational funding?  Hell, in Utah, there's a wingnut effort to end compulsory education.  Why?  Because stupid people are easier to manipulate with slick ads.

We scare the hell out of me.  Idiocracy, indeed.

So, deficit's down (and it was never the emergency they painted it, anyway), jobs are up, healthcare costs are down, and Boehner and his sneering crew of self-satisfied, petty corporate puppets are, now and forever, it seems, up to their scuzzy tricks.  As a result, we're looking at five days before these asshats try, once again, to shut down the government unless "Obamacare" is scrapped.  And even if we get through this, there's the debt ceiling "talks" looming, where they can do this to us all over again.

I can't think of things bad enough to live up to what they deserve.  I wish them every unhappiness.

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