Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Candle-making Supply Buy

We bought five scents, some wick tabs, some zinc cored wick, and some little bow-tie doohickeys to hold up the wicks while the candles cool.  Our batch last night was red, with a nice, not-too-strong scent.  Just paraffin, but they burn nicely and not too hot or fast, with no going out.  When our new stuff comes, I'm looking forward to making some palm and beeswax candles.  Not sure if we should have gotten glue dots for keeping the wick tabs in place.  We'll find out.

Reviewed a hair brush on Epinions today.  Hey, I have the brush, why not review it.  In fact, I think I'm going to go through and review all my brushes.  And, of course, my fancy new keyboard.

Hubby hasn't been in the office for a long time--between three days sick a couple weeks ago, scheduled telework, and unscheduled telework due to weather conditions, he's been home.  They're predicting an ice storm between five and ten tomorrow morning, so we're hoping for another telework day.  It's actually smart to have folks work from home--they don't have to commute, they use their own internet, their own computer (yep, it wasn't provided us), their own electricity.  It keeps cars off the road, and saves the Feds any commute benefit.  Everyone wins!

Having pasta tonight.  Dreamfield's pasta (easier on the blood sugar, and yes, that is true for me--I've compared my blood sugar after Dreamfield's vs after regular pasta), Bistro Sensations sausages (they're markedly lower in calories and super-tasty), Wegman's parmesan and romano red sauce (2/3 of a cup), with julienned carrots with the pasta.  One of my favorite meals, and not disastrous.

Movie time.  Finishing up Order of the Phoenix.  Wish I could shake this cold and stop being so headache-y and exhausted.  Wish I could shake this down feeling.

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