Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stupid is as Stupid is as Stupid is

So the phone rings.  I had just finished posting to Facebook that the SLC International Airport is closed because of freezing rain and frozen runways.  Who's on the phone?

It's a friend!  She wants to chat!  As she drives down the road.  PHONE IN HAND, talking about the freezing rain!  I said, "You're hands-free, right?"  No, that's not a perfect solution, but it sure beats having only ONE hand on the wheel while you have the OTHER hand clasping a phone to your face.  She said, "No, no."  I said, "So you're driving in an ICESTORM on a SHEET of BLACK ICE while holding a phone to your head--is that right?"  She said yes, but it wasn't anything to worry about.  I said, "I will talk to you later--you can call me when you get HOME."

What the hell?

Trying to write a letter to my old town's newspaper.  The Sheriff in town has decided to hop on the "nullify any federal law that involves gun control" band wagon.  You know, the band wagon NONE of them hopped on when it was a president OTHER than our black democratic President suggesting regulation (you know, like it says in the Constitution).  None of these jerks were crying for armed resistance when it was Ronald Reagan pushing the Brady Bill.  Yeah.  Anyway, trying to submit a letter to the editor and finding myself thwarted by a "no more than 250 CHARACTERS" admonition.  250 characters?  I can barely give my name and address for that!  In a nutshell, I'm just trying to say this--it's obvious these people haven't read the executive orders, because if they had, they'd know there's no great gun grab in the works, just like there wasn't back with the Brady Bill and the last AR ban.  The Office of Sheriff in this particular case is an elected one.  I can't think of a better way to whip up the mob and rake in the votes.  Perhaps that's not the Sheriff's intent.  Maybe he's just dull.  Regardless, he seems pretty bothered by the local paper taking him to task.   Because, as we know, folks screaming about the Second Amendment often forget about the First.

Ain't that always the way?

It snowed last night.  Around an inch.  Which was enough to SHUT DOWN THE SCHOOLS and allow my husband to telework from home rather than commute in.  Amazing.  Here are some Charlie in the snow shots:

Continued drama on Epinions.  Meet the new boss.

Still no word on my baby-maybe skin cancer.  No news is almost never good news.

Cold getting better in some ways, but as the crap in my head loosens up, it becomes more liquid and I wind up hacking constantly because of the run down the back of my throat.  It's my least favorite part of a respiratory infection.  Makes me cough until my ribs hurt.

Did I post about the new keyboard?  The crappy, uber-cheap one with the dysfunctional shift key?  Took it back last night, dropped $80.00 (!!!) on a nicer one.  And holy cow, is it nicer!  The keys light up when your fingers get close, so no desperate hunt and peck with one-handed typing.  The set-up is correct this time (keys are where they should be), AND it's wireless.  But unlike the wireless ones with batteries needing replacing, this one also comes with a USB cord for recharging.  Says it'll need recharging every ten days or so, and can still be used WHILE plugged in.  I'm very happy with it.  Thrilled, in fact!  It's a Logitech K800, if you're in the market.  Here's what it looks like--remember, it lights up when your fingers get close!

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