Monday, January 21, 2013

Hatin' the Late Paycheck!

My husband's federal paycheck (for which he works hard, thank you very much) usually hits on Saturday mornings.  Pay runs on Thursday, it hits on Saturday.  Unless there's a federal holiday or a weather disaster (Rita and Katrina wreaked havoc on the pay schedule).  But for some reason beyond us, the check didn't hit on Saturday.  Now, see, here's the catch--it doesn't HAVE to hit on Saturday.  In fact, it's not considered late unless it doesn't hit by the following THURSDAY.  So here we are, with seventy bucks cash and two grocery shopping checks floating around out there, hoping the check hits on Tuesday.  If not?

Scary, sad stuff.  Now, understand, the check has never not come by the following work day (this time a Tuesday because of the holiday), so I'm not TOO worried, but still. I'd rather the thing hit on time.

Still sick.  Voice is better (not great, but better), but I'm still a fountain of phlegm.  Sleeping a LOT (probably the Emerald Death I've been swigging before sleep time), but still waking up glued shut and waiting for the mess to loosen up so I can chug it out.

Once things start moving, though, it comes out pretty smoothly.  That's something.

It's inauguration day.  A very happy/scary thing for me.  We are a country possessed of so many utter crazies that I always fear for our President.  Proud of him, though.  Proud of us, too, that we managed to keep Romney out and bring Obama back.  I'm planning to watch, and that will make it only the second I've watched live.

Going to finally make some candles--hubby got me a candle making kit, with some wax, oils, forms, and a thermometer and pitcher.  I used to make candles all the time, have long wanted to get back into it.  I'm looking forward to it.  Thinking maybe I should start a line of solidly un-mystical candles which have not been prayed over, blessed, infused with holy anything, or in any other way made woo-woo.  Hey, maybe they'd sell, right?

Was grumbling through our old home's local newspaper today, found an obit for Stan Liptrot.  He lived down the street from me for decades.  Really nice guy, great neighbor.  Made it to 90 years old.  Good job, Stan.  You deserved every one of those years, and likely should have had even more.  

Like I said, solidly good guy.  Missed him from the moment he moved away, and not just because of the slobs who moved in after him.  Missed him because he was a great guy to have in the neighborhood.

All sorts of changes going on at Epinions.  New ways of figuring IS, new layout for review lists, etc.  Everyone's crying like the sky is falling, a lot of folks complaining that their IS has crashed, but as someone whose IS has been abysmal for a decade, it's looking like it might just be a marked improvement for me.  Let's hope.  

Dreamed my Mom kept falling down, and every suggestion I gave my sister she shot down.  I was suggesting a rope or chain-type fence (think theater barriers) to act as a guide, or having the sidewalk and driveway repaved to fix the raised cracks and uneven spots, but my sister was having none of it.  Being 2,300 miles away, there wasn't anything I could really do.  Very frustrating.  

Rewatching Justified on Blu-ray because our boy has forgotten a lot of it.  I do love that show.  Haven't gotten to the wonderful, "Now, Arlo, use your words" line, but it's a favorite.  If you think Timothy Olyphant is amazing in Justified, just imagine what he could do in Stephen King's Dark Tower series as Roland.  Hubby is near bursting with frustration over that casting every time we see Olyphant striding purposefully down the blacktop.  He is so obviously Roland, yet it's going to Javier Bardem.  A good actor, certainly, but not Roland.  Not by a long shot.  

And that's all.  Happy Inauguration and hey, here's some Inauguration Day GOOD paneling!  That's right, there's actually some paneling out there I like!  This style I've seen called "Judge's Paneling," and, while I don't have the house to pull it off, I sure do like it in some other homes!

Oh, remind me tomorrow to write about my sister's ex-roommate's gay bathhouse/tubs business.  It's gonna be a rant.


  1. checks hit the bank a lot faster now than they did 30 years ago.

  2. They sure do. Sometimes they hit instantaneously. Paycheck hit yesterday, and we're good. Whew!