Monday, January 28, 2013

Not in Time

But close.  For this month, Epinions came through, despite the wild action and flying threats.  Believe me, I know I've burned my way through any political capital I may have had,   So to Christal and Damon and all the others who worked weekends, even a holiday weekend, to try and get this hammered out, thank you.

Seriously.  Thank you.

And to the folks who rake in an astounding amount each month and are now seeing a hit?  I'm sorry, I hope there's a way to make it so your hit is less painful.  But I'm not going to apologize for being glad that some of us saw more.

Tacos, beans, and rice for dinner.  We measure everything out just so, and it's not too bad a meal, calories-wise.  A little oogy on the blood sugar, but not too bad.

Wrote a review of another hairbrush today.  One I like quite a bit, actually.  Would be great if you'd check it out:

Nexxus Volume Effexx Round Brush

And while you're at it, take a look at this one, too?  Because it's true--I really did win a 

FREE iPad!

I did.  I won a free iPad.  You should sign up to write reviews on Epinions and enter the contests.  Maybe you can win one, too!  Just remember, it's not like Amazon, a 60 word review isn't going to do it.  Just think of all the things YOU would want someone to tell you about a product and how well it does what it's supposed to do, and then write about it.  Read highly rated reviews to get a feel for it.  And no, I don't get paid if you sign up--there's nothing in it for me.  The money for most of us isn't fabulous, but it pays for a rental car on vacation each summer or foots the bill for our boy's birthday.  

We ordered some more candle making stuff last night.  Hoping we got the right wick, I think we did. We got five scents, wick tabs, some wick bars, and wick.  I think we should have gotten glue tabs, and I've got a site up with those, a site with reasonable shipping.  If the order comes through with no glitches, I'll post a link--I like giving a hand to someone who's working hard and doing it for a fair price.

For the folks asking if we're selling candles?  Not right now.  We seem to be burning them almost as fast as we're making them.  For a reason--I want to test different types of wicks and waxes and fragrances and dyes.  If we do ever sell them, I'd like to be able to sell them custom made--i.e., you tell me what size, what scent, and what kind of wax and color you want, and I make 'em that way.  It sounds like fun.  It sounds creative and interesting.  

Just plain paraffin candles, with cinnamon-clove for the orange and a woodsy cedar for the red.

The boys are at Hapkido right now.  Our son's belt test is this weekend, and it turns out he hasn't been paying a lick of attention to the Korean being spoken.  And now he needs to know it.  Oops.  Looks like it's crash course time.  

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