Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Time

Wow, Paypal is fast!  Money's already in the account, and camp registration and deposit paid.

So thank you, Epinions, and even more so, thank you Epinions for switching to Paypal for payouts!

Story came across my feed today, poor folks down in Alabama who've lost their dog.  He was IN THE BACK OF THEIR PICK-UP TRUCK FOR SEVENTY MILES OR SO, and somewhere along the line, he fell/jumped/was thrown out.  

Okay, right off, I feel awful for these folks.  Because doing something stupid doesn't make it hurt any less when it goes bad.  Yeah, they screwed up, you don't put unsecured pets in the open bed of a truck.  You just don't do that--the potential for injury is astounding.  We're supposed to be smarter than that now.  But, again, that doesn't mean they don't love their dog or that they "deserved" this.  I feel awful for them, and I hope their dog is found safe.  I also hope that they make a promise to themselves (and their dog) to never let him ride in the back of the truck again.  

And don't say "they like it!"  They like eating chocolate and drinking antifreeze, too, but we don't encourage it because it's not good for them.  Same here--it's dangerous.  

Anyway, the dog appears to be maybe a chow/shepherd mix.  I'm going to include the picture in hopes that the dog will be found.  He's been missing since December 24th, so I don't think his chances are good, but maybe someone found him alive and has been taking care of him?  Here's the ad that went with the pic:  

December 24, 2012: male dog went missing from the I-65 area between Prattville, AL and Pelham, AL. He was in the back of the truck when we left Prattville and found he was missing when we stopped in Pelham. We got on the interstate at the Clanton exit #205.  

If you've seen the dog, please contact the Facebook group "Animals  Lost & Found from the Tornadoes in Alabama on 4/27/11."  Yes, they've branched out a bit, they do really good work posting pictures of lost and found pets for folks to disseminated and hopefully find a match.

Another pisser just came racing across my feed--22 year old thinks it's a good idea to pose with his baby AND a gun, then post it to Facebook.  You know how I feel about guns, but they've charged the guy, and . . . I dunno.  My brain says, "Make sure the gun's legal, legally obtained, registered, etc., make sure they guy's not a nutjob, and then . . . drop it."  I'd like to see the dimwit in a parenting course, sure.  I'd also like to see the baby in something other than a horrid leopard-print jumper, but I don't get to make that call.  I guess what I'm saying is this--crap judgement, you're a moron, but I don't think you broke any laws.  

What Stupid Looks Like

And that's that, I think.  I owe that boy a back tickle, so I'm going to go give him that, then I'm going to take a nap.  Starting to think I'm not ever really going to feel better.  Later, I'll post about summer camp and the permissions I had to sign today!

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