Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making Candles and Crappy Keyboards

Went to the craft store last night.  They don't have much of a selection, scents and wax-wise, but I did pick up a couple of pounds of palm wax, a couple of pounds of beeswax, some wick, and some color.  I'll order the scents online, I have a few sites to check, including some Heather suggested.  We made three "dregs" candles (candles made from the old wax of burned down candles around the house), and they turned out a pretty orange-ish and they smell nicely cinammon-y.  Hubby was a great help, and I love him.

Epinions appears to be blowing up.  Looks like my happy increase in pay is about to get yanked because some folks lost pay.  The way of the world, huh?  It's a great site, and I'm proud of the work I've put into it, but some folks sure can get spleeny when they feel like their boat's being rocked.  The really high-earners have taken to spouting "Les Mis" lyrics (LOL) and painting themselves the downtrodden masses rather than the aristocracy they really are.  Hope it works out in a way that doesn't toss me (and those like me) back into the slag pile.  It was nice, opening up my profile and seeing I wasn't being abused for once.  I'm not feeling optimistic, though.  For as strongly as I feel, fact is I have never mastered that entitled yell that gets things done (and undone), and even if I do pipe up, I'll likely just end any shot I have at doing better.  So I'll almost certainly come out on the losing end here either way.  What else is new?

Typing on a new keyboard--a Dynex, and boy, what a piece of garbage this thing is!  The shift key doesn't work more than maybe one out of ten tries, so it makes typing an adventure.  If that's the term you want to use.  Reviewed it on Epinions today.  It goes back to the store tonight.

Still sick. Boogery and headachy.  I suppose that, at some point, I should see a doc, but I'm holding out for news on the new skin cancer-ish spot.  Then I'll decide where I want my copays to go.  In the meantime, it's me and Nyquil, and we're getting along just fine.

Probably more later, after this awful keyboard is gone.

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