Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Noo Shooz

Something happy and positive and not political or sad or rant-y--we all got new shoes!  Our boy got a killer pair of New Balance 956 shoes--size TEN!  Holy cow!  My "little boy" has feet like an elephant!  Just like his MOM, sadly!  I'm hoping the new shoes will help with those wowser callouses he's forming on the sides of his big toes.  I may introduce him to the concept of a callous file.  Not a "ped-egg" type thing, but more a pumice stone arrangement.


I got a pair of New Balance 481 All Terrain shoes--yes, they're men's shoes, but I usually go for men's shoes over women's.  I like the darker colors, plus, with my big feet it's easier to get a decent selection.  They're black with grey and orange, and I don't wear them.

I know, what am I doing?  I like to have one nice pair of trainers for doctor's appointments and the like.  Something that doesn't smell oogy.  My feet didn't used to smell bad, but these days they sort of do.  Hoping it's the age of the shoes, my feet look fine.  I cut out some Odor Eaters for the boy's shoes and my old shoes.  I suppose I should do the same for my new ones.

Hubby got some new dress shoes for work.  He'd gotten a pair he really loved, but they tore holes in all his dress socks, and, within months, began to fall apart.  The new ones are black and dressy, and he likes them. Sadly, they've already rubbed his heel half off.  Which is strange because he owns an identical pair in brown, same maker, same size, and they never did rub him.  Go figure, huh?

There's supposed to be a winter storm moving through, starting tomorrow and lasting into Friday.  Wouldn't it be amazing if we actually got some real snow?  Would make shopping tomorrow night an adventure, huh?  We're having pancakes tonight, after days of thinking about it.  I'm still sicker than sick (not the flu, just a stupid head/respiratory thing), and hubby isn't feeling so good, either.  He did clean up that kitchen for me, and I appreciate that more than I can say.  All I have to do is sweep and mop tomorrow.

I can do that.

Margaret's funeral is this weekend.  Obviously, I'm too far away, but poor Lynda is agonizing over whether or not to go.  No right answer there, I guess.

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  1. I like New Balance mens shoes too. They have a better fit formy foot. Hope you feel better soon.