Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are you SERIOUS?

News story today--a New York City public school has suspended 19 four-year-old kindergartners for "exposing themselves." 

I'm sorry, for doing WHAT?

These kids are FOUR YEARS OLD.  They're not "exposing themselves," they're getting naked.  That's what little kids DO.  They aren't sexual deviants, this isn't indicative of some deep-seated and potentially dangerous perversion.  It's just little kids taking off their clothes!  You don't suspend them and put on their school records that they're somehow twisted or sexually un-right.  No, you teach them not to do it, same way you teach them not to eat their boogers at the lunch table or stick paperclips up their noses. 

Even the parents who oppose the suspensions seem to have this screwed-up idea that some massive intervention is called for.  Talk of psychologists and specialists and the like.  Folks, they're FOUR.  There's nothing twisted about a four-year-old dropping trou.  It's COMMON. 

It's normal. 

Just like it's normal to teach them not to do it.  So stop whining, stop SUSPENDING them, stop wringing your hands and crying about psychological interventions and just teach them not to do it.  Matter-of-factly.  Like you would teach them ANY thing it's important for them to know for socialization's sake.  But for goodness' sake, STOP sexualizing our kids!  Please! 

Time to get started on the pies.  Pumpkin, cherry crumbly-topped, and pecan.  The cherry with stevia and no-sugar-added cherries.  I don't eat pecan, so that doesn't really matter.  And the pumpkin?  I'll just have to be good, won't I?


  1. I expect Thanksgiving to cost me at least 5 pounds. But I will be back on track by Sunday. Maybe I'll do a couple of weeks of food journal.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me with a link to the glass jars. It's a perfect source...and much appreciated.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. LOL, Merikay--same here. We don't do a lot of sauces or heavy gravies, and that's good, but the cherry crumble and pumpkin pie will undo that good. All I can do is climb back on the day after, right? Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You're welcome! I'm glad they were what you were looking for! Happy Thanksgiving!