Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Approaches

And I find myself strangely excited to try a new way of doing mashed potatoes.  Instead of just red potatoes, butter, and milk, we're going to add parsnip, rutabaga, onion, garlic, and chicken stock to the mix, with Kerry butter on top.  Doesn't that sound absolutely divine?  Some call it "tatties and neeps?"  I think?  We'll spread it all out in a casserole dish and bake it after mixing it all up.  Here's the recipe.

A "swede," in case you're wondering, is a rutabaga. 

As I'm reminded in the comments (and I DO appreciate that!), my "tatties and neeps" will be served in a small, reasonable portion, surrounded by steamed veggies without sauces and butter.  It needs to be said and I need to always keep an eye to that. 

Why "tatties and neeps?"  Well, while I wouldn't call myself an "anglophile" by any means, I do have a hearty appreciation for things from that area, and an especial love for Wales and Scotland.  I've never been, but I do still dream of someday standing at the base of Dolwyddelan and soaking up that amazing history.  Until then, I've got the whole east coast of the United States to keep me occupied.

Today's a busy day.  A LOT of housecleaning to be done (seems when hubby's off from work, I just stop cleaning), some shopping, and, hopefully, a drive.  Maybe along the George Washington Parkway, see the sees.

Still gaining weight.  I can actually feel it.  I feel bigger.  Overinflated.  I have got to stop.

Told our boy the story of how the band Foreigner was forever ruined for me.  I'll maybe get to that later here.  It's an awful tale, involving forced voyeurism, hypothermia, 8-Track tapes, and underage sex.  Goodness.

Ran our boy through a string of bands last night, just music from my misspent youth.  He was on the fence about Billy Squier until I threw some Air Supply at him.  Amazing how 30 seconds of "All Out of Love" can really enhance the quality and overall rockitude of "Everybody Wants You."  After Billy Squier, we wandered through Billy Idol, Bad Company, Styx (including the devastating leap from "Renegade" to "Mr. Roboto"), Journey, AC/DC, Sabbath, Ozzie, the Stones, and,  finally, some Springsteen.  By the time we got to the Boss, it was almost 3 am.  Time to hang it up for the night.  I love that he loves music so much. 


  1. Not to be a nag ... But rethink that mashed potato recipe. Put these two thinks together: "with Kerry butter on top" and "Still gaining weight."

    If you are happy with your current weight gain, enjoy the butter. If not, skip the mashed potatoes.

    It has taken me 66 years to finally understand why I was fat. I love food. I still love food and eat good meals, but I don't try to fool myself about what I can eat and maintain my 50+ pound weight loss.

  2. You're absolutely right, except for one thing--we measure religiously, so this won't be a heaping bowl or a running plateful--it will be 2/3 of a cup, surrounded by a lot of fresh, steamed, unsauteed, unsauced, unbuttered veggies. But you are absolutely right, I need to be mindful. My problem isn't things like potatoes (I almost never eat them) or butter (which I can count on one hand how many times I've indulged in a year). My problem is fancy cheeses and chocolates. And, of late, cinnamon bread from the Farmer's Market. And I do need to watch that denial/disconnect that I sometimes have, where on the one hand, I want to lose weight, and on the other, I want that mocha latte. You're right to remind me :-)

  3. I just want to help. I love chocolaqte. I have found a way to satisfy my craving for it. Since fiber was a big part of my personal plan I was looking for ways to increase it on a daily basis. I found a recipe, so easy, on a box of FIBER ONE cereal. Melt 1 twelve ounce package chocolat chips and 1/2 cup peanut butter in a large bowl in the micro wave. Mix in 1 of the two pack of FIBER ONE from a box and spoon onto waxed paper like cookies. I use one tray and put a second layer on a second paper on top. after they are set (I put them in the fridge) remove them and put in a sealable box. I then keep them in the fridge.

    when ever I want a sweet or chocolate I have two. With coffee or tea. Not hig in calories, full of fiber, and satisfying. I always have them on hand and don't keep any other sweet treats in the house.

    Five pitted prunes = about 100 calories and are sweet. One or two dates are also good.