Saturday, November 3, 2012

Is it funny? Or just mean?

Today, a post came across my Facebook newsfeed.  It was, in my opinion, a mean thing--a picture of a woman sunbathing, and a large dog lifting leg over her, just seconds away from pissing.  I didn't think it was funny.  I thought it was awful.  Mean.  All I could think was, "Wow--you had a choice between shouting 'Yo!  Look out!' and picking up your camera to snap a picture."  To me, that's a no-brainer--you warn the person. 

Well, I've just been 'voted down" by both son and hubby.  Apparently, I am completely clueless on this subject.  See, I think that taking a picture of someone in the throes of bad fortune and holding it up for public ridicule is crap--I think it's the lowest brow, lowest rent excuse for humor out there.  I think it's mean-spirited.  I think that, when someone suffers misfortune, you reach out and lend a hand rather than snap a picture and post it on social media for a laugh.  Apparently I'm wrong. Apparently that's what passes for high wit these days.  I guess I hope that, should something crappy happen to me, someone will put down the camera and put out their hand. 

I feel sad about this.  I guess because, when you see something you consider that low class and that cruel, you naturally expect the people you love to see it as you do.  It's sad when they don't.  It's not a huge deal, obviously, but it does make me feel a bit down.  I guess that, being overweight for so many years, I've developed a beefy sort of empathy for other people held up to ridicule.  You know, the whole "People of Walmart" thing.  My heart breaks for people who are photographed without their knowledge for the purpose of public ridicule.  I guess maybe I need to toughen up. 

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