Friday, November 9, 2012


So I'm not much of a collector of things.  I don't tend to go out of my way to seek out things of a like kind.  My sister?  Pigs.  Hundreds of pigs, from small statues to wall signs to gigantic plush animals.  I remember, one year, she asked me "What do you collect?"  I said, "I don't think I do?"  She insisted that everyone must collect something, so what did I love?  When I couldn't answer, she decided it was wolves.  I collect wolves. 


For two years, she got me wolf-related collectibles for Christmas, birthdays, etc. They're nice things, and they're up on display, but I don't collect wolves.  I'm sorry.

Looking though the curio cabinets, it would appear that, maybe, I collect bells.  I have a fair number of them, some brass, some silver, some porcelain.  I also have five or six elephants, but, to be fair, three of those came my way via my husband's late grandmother.  So, not really a collector there, either.

The past week or so, though, has found me seeking out Christmas ornaments.  Not just any ornaments, but ones with special meaning or ones that commemorate places we've been.  Now, I've done this here and there for years, and have a fair number of ornaments that carry some special meaning to me (plus, of course, the ornaments my Mom gave me, some of which belonged to her Mom, but that's different).  I've gotten three ornaments in the past couple of weeks--one from Mount Vernon, and two from the White House gift shop (one from 1996, because it's pretty and the Clintons were in residence), and one from 2009 (the Lincoln commemorative which was also the year our President was inaugurated). 

But it gets worse.  I just discovered a beautiful 1st Battle of Manassas ornament online.  Very close to my heart, because we've been to the battlefield AND we live in Bull Run.  But wait, there's more!  I just found a gorgeous 1987 Independence Hall ornament for only 12 bucks on eBay.  Now, these aren't bulb-type ornaments, they're not round and easily broken.  These are the flat, 24 kt gold overlay types, and I need to be very, very careful, because I think I've just discovered the joy/hell of wanting to COLLECT things. 


2009 White House Ornament commemorating the 200th year since the birth of Abraham Lincoln (and the year of President Obama's inauguration!).

1996 White House ornament, grabbed it because it's gorgeous AND because the Clintons were in residence!

2009 Mount Vernon, because it was the most lovely one there, the cheapest one there (only $6.99!) AND because it was Barack Obama's first year in office

The collection, thus far.


  1. When my sisters and I were little, our Mom decided we all must collect something, to make it easier for aunts and uncles to know what to give as gifts. My sisters picked bells and thimbles and I finally settled on elephants. Did I have a passion for elephants? Nope. Do I still have all my childhood collection? Nope. I kept the few pieces that really meant something and gave away the rest.

    But, now, grown up and sure in what I love, I do have a collection of Beagle related things. It's still at a manageable level, but I imagine after the kids move out, it might take over the upstairs!

  2. Oh, Beagles are wonderful! Sweet, funny, smart, soulful eyes, great personalities. We almost went for a beagle, but being in a townhouse situation, we were concerned about the potential for barking/baying when we were shopping or at doctor's office visits and doggy was at home alone. But Beagles are definitely on my short list for our "when we've got our own place" dog.