Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome to America!

Seriously, I'm not being a smart-ass.  Yes, I'm concerned about republican robo-calls telling voters that the aftermath of Sandy has made it necessary for republicans to vote today, while democrats vote TOMORROW (Wednesday, November 7th).  Yes, I'm worried about mailings telling Obama supporters that the voting day has been changed or that telephone voting is now occurring.  Yes, I'm worried about Romney's family buying into voting machine companies and polling places experiencing "difficulties" in Virginia.  But I'm also proud--proud that I could stand in line for an hour-and-a-half this morning and exercise my right to vote without anyone taking a stick to me or tossing grenades at the polling station. 

We spent the hour-and-a-half (which began at 6 am!) talking with a very nice woman who is originally from NYC, but has been in Virginia for years (though new to Prince William County).  I did see one gentleman being turned away for not being listed in the system--or at least the poll worker asked him to step aside, have a seat, and they would try to sort things out for him.  I try to imagine just how upsetting that would be, especially in a place like Virginia, which is absolutely a deciding factor in this election.

My vote matters here.  Despite Romney's/the right's attempts to silence me, fact is, in Virginia, my vote could mean something big.  It's a heady feeling. 

More as the election day unfolds, I'm sure.  I voted.  You vote.  Do it.  Seriously.  If you live in a state so deeply red (or blue) that you don't feel your vote counts, vote anyway.  Earn your bitching rights. 


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