Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years!

Oh, my heart!  Waiting for hours, watching as the tide seemed to be against our President!  Being so sure that Tim Kaine wasn't going to make it!  We took an hour's break to watch an episode of Deadwood, and when we came back, George Allen was conceding to Tim!  What happened?

WE happened!

Prince William County/NOVA really came through for Mr. Kaine (and for our President!).  I can't begin to describe how incredibly exciting that is for me--after years in Utah, where, let's face it, my vote in national races was nothing more than a way of earning my "bitching rights," suddenly my vote MEANS something.  It is influential, it counts.  It's amazing, it's heady. 

The lines here in Northern Virginia were so long they wound up having to extend voting past 11 pm.  When we went out to get our celebratory/sadness foods (we didn't know which it would be), the line at the local polling place was even longer than it had been at 6 am (an hour-and-a-half), 3 pm (closer to two hours), and 6 pm (around three hours).  Amazing.  I am so proud to live here, so amazed by the turnout.

Oh, and the food?  Well, let's just say I was up sick for most of the night--too many Popeye's fries, a Whopper with cheese, and wowser brownies with Ghirardelli chocolate chips (but we forgot the walnuts!).  That was enough to have my gut in total rebellion all night.  Well, all morning--didn't even go to bed until almost four.  And that wasn't ALL the food!  I was too full to eat any jalapeno poppers or chocolate satin (Satan, lol) pie.  Guess we'll have those tonight!

I am not overjoyed by the results of this election.  See, we still have the same obstructionist, petty house to deal with--the same guys who made it their lives' work to impede in any way they could.  My hope is that, since there's now no vow to "make Obama a one-term president," perhaps they'll hang up that hateful crap and do something constructive for Americans instead of serving their corporate bosses and acting on their mean, racist agenda.  Hopefully, their spitefulness won't lead them to intentionally trigger those idiotic budget cuts.  Just because we got our President and retained our Senate doesn't mean that the idiocy of the past two years won't continue.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried.

Yes, that was very political of me.  I've had to swallow four years of their "impede at every opportunity, then blame the President for not making progress" garbage.  The racist innuendo, the flat-out lies.  I'm tired, and I don't want to listen to that garbage anymore.

Speaking of garbage, I have, for the past year-plus, been hiding my posts from a large number (over 150) of my Facebook "friends" in order to shield their delicate sensibilities from my political speech.  I have also refrained from arguing with anyone whose wall posts (posts to THEIR wall) come across my news feed.  It just seems right to me that my wall is for me, your wall is for you.  This was a one-way street, as people were happy to jump in and argue with me on my wall.  Well, last night, I broke my self-imposed limitation--some dimwitted asshat had posted a picture of our President in black face with watermelon and fried chicken, with the White House in the background and some awful, racially stereotypical words along the bottom.  I lost it--I called him a racist and I dropped him.  It felt good.

Really good.

So good, that the nasty woman (a mutual friend) who commented with something about our "future being much DARKER now" is also off my friends list.  And that felt so good that I realize it's time to be done.  Done with the selectively hiding things from this person or that so they don't get offended.  You know what, all my Facebook "friends" know I'm an atheist, but they don't hesitate to smear my news feed with their religion.  They know I'm very liberal, but they spray their wing-nutty, teabag crap all over my news feed.  And I LET them, without challenge or argument, because it's their wall, they get to do that.  But dammit, so do *I*.  So I think it's time to do some major housecleaning.  Knock, oh, 150+ people off my friends list. 

I think it's going to feel incredible.

My sister called last night, after Ohio was projected, but before Virginia was called.  She made some crack about how Virginia had sold out the President, and I was so afraid that was, in fact, the case.  But we didn't.  No, as the numbers came in through the night, it became clear that WE gave our President the great state of Virginia.  Yeah.  We BUILT that!

Totally off topic, I tore out the tomatoes today and unhooked the hoses.  Yeah, a little late after the hard freeze, but no harm done.  It's almost winter.  I hope we get some real snow this year. 

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