Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Butterfly for Bucky

If you don't get the reference, forgive me.  If you DO get it, forgive me even more.

9 am found the whole family at our new optometry office.  Eyes dilated, puffs of air, this-one-or-this-one?  I'll let you in on a little secret--I love the optometrist's office.  Always have, ever since I was a kid.  I have no idea why.  I wasn't even given a driver's license until I was 27 because, according to the public schools, I was close enough to "legally blind" as makes no odds.  The sad/funny/enraging thing?  I'm not anywhere near legally blind--in fact, at the time, my vision was 20/20 in the right, 20/23 in the left.  But I've astigmatism and really struggle with small letters.  11 years I was denied a license!

While a vicious eye infection (which the clinic doctor insisted I didn't have, which left me without treatment for a week-and-a-half) did a number on the vision in my left eye (20-125 instead of 20-23 now), my overall vision is still good enough that I don't require glasses to drive (according to state law).  Plus, I have this cool monocular-type thing going on with my eyes, where my left eye is crap for distance vision but great for close up, while my right is fabulous for sharp, clear distance vision and lousy for close up.  Together, even at my age, I can see great distances AND still read most fine print.  It was so refreshing to have an optometrist say to me, "We could fit you with glasses, but why?  I just charged someone five hundred dollars for contact lenses that do exactly what your eyes do right now!"  So the whole visit was ten bucks, and she says my eyes look amazing--optic nerve nice and tight, no glaucoma, no degeneration, all healthy and happy.  She offered to write a letter to the DMV removing my "needs corrective lenses" notation.  In more good news, our boy's eyes are perfect, and even hubby's eyes have leveled off--maybe even improved slightly.

After the eye-doc's, we went to the farmer's market in Old Town.  Brussel sprouts, ears of corn, Winesap apples, carrots, and amazing bread and rolls.  But still no Muscadine grapes!  What is UP with that?  We found them a month or so ago at Walmart . . . ONCE!  None anywhere since.  I'm feeling very put out about that.

Came home to find a Tim Kaine campaign flier on the porch.  I need to call them and tell them not to bother--we're already voting for him, so no need to drop the pennies on trying to convince us.

Here are some carrot pictures:

No, Charlie doesn't get to have the carrots!

One of the monster carrots from the farmer's market--no, that's not a miniature water bottle.

Not a lot of fall color yet, though we did see some spectacular, blazing trees over by Vint Hill near Gainesville.  Here's what I have in my yard, though! 

My wonderful mums!

Love it here.  Scared to death about the car inspection, but still love it here. 

Oh, and if you were wondering about today's title's reference?  Here ya go, but I advise against it:

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