Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Charlie.  Charles.  Chuckles.  Narles.  Charlula.  CharlieErmyArmyOomy.  If the measure of a thing's importance is the number of names you have for it, Charlie is very important to us, indeed.  And today?

Is Charlie's first birthday.

We couldn't just let it pass, of course.  It was good for a trip to Petsmart, where Charlie chose his own toy (a Purple Rhino which will, almost certainly, be toast within a half hour unless we closely supervise).  He was also gifted with a doggy birthday cake (good find by our son!), some dental chews, and a bag of Castor and Pollux grain-free ADULT dog food! 

On the down side, he growled and barked at another dog (who had, before he came in, growled and barked at ME), and later growled and barked at an employee, but it turned out he wasn't growling and barking at HER, but rather at the broom and dust bin she was working with.  Guess that's my payoff for (playfully) teasing him with the broom while sweeping the floors this morning.  Oops.

Short entry today--dinner's just about on, and it's already 10:30 at night. 

Happy Birthday, Charlie-dog!

Chuckles and his Birthday Rhino

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