Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Make Mine Intense

I love intense weather.  Thunder, lightning, high winds, blizzards--the wilder, the better.  From indoors, of course.  This morning, the rain was so heavy that the roar of it woke me.  Over the white noise of the fan, over the tunes, I heard the drumming of the rain.  The weather's just cooler here than it ever was in Utah.

The downside of the rain?  They didn't get the street and parking spaces refinished and painted today like they were supposed to.  Wonder when that's going to happen?

The nasty kids on the street now have Air Soft-type guns that look like 45s.  Apparently, they hurt when you get hit, as evidenced by one kid screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs every time one of the rats shot him.  This was loud, pained screaming in which he demanded the other kids stop shooting him.  They didn't stop.  I don't need to say that my kid didn't shout things like that when he was thirteen.  He doesn't now, either.  No, I'm not "anti-swears," but I am a bear when it comes to young kids swearing.  It's a maturity thing, and if you're too young to know not to scream that stuff at the top of your lungs, if you're too young to know that it doesn't make you cool, you're too young to swear.  Swears are words like all the others--they have meaning, and there is a time and a place. 

Why am I not sad my boy isn't hanging out with them?

Speaking of the rats, their older brother with the gauged ears?  Screwed up the gauging.  One of them ruptured, so now his ear is this horrifying, bifurcated disaster of wiggly scar.  Remember "It's Alive?"  Sort of like the claw-hand, but it's a claw-ear.  I almost lost my breakfast when I saw it.  It really did freak me pretty badly.

Our boy is really rocking his online intro to programming course he's taking online.  It's through https://www.coursera.org/, and he's very happy.  There'll be a second, more advanced course offered after, and he's excited about that.  I'm glad to have found such a cool resource for him to help augment his home school stuff.

Still no word on those x-rays.  Guess I should call tomorrow. 

The grass seed is sprouting--still sparse, but if it survives, it will, by default, be less sparse than it was.  I'm planning to heavily over-seed later in the fall or early winter in hopes of a good spring showing. 

We seem to have accidentally thrown away a Netflix movie.  Without ever having seen it.  Plus the packaging for two others.  We were honest, reported that we'd lost it, and paid for it.  The next movie they sent?  Arrived not just broken, but broken with obvious attempts to GLUE it back together.  So that one goes back, too-same day it came.  Goodness.  Guess we'll watch another documentary to make us mad.  Not sure hubby has many more piss-offing documentaries in him before he explodes.

New movie from Netflix--pre-broken for our non-viewing pleasure.


  1. I had neighbors that were stealing my Netflix - they didn't always fit in my apartment mailbox, mailman would leave them on top, and they would often disappear forever - and Netflix was so nice about not charging me for them. I'd report it, they'd simply resend it. After it happened a few times, they emailed me to check into it and I explained the situation, and they still sent me DVDs and replaced them if they got stolen. (I hope this doesn't freak you out, knowing your neighbors)

  2. I'd worry about that, but our mailbox is big enough to accomodate the DVDs, and the box locks. Otherwise, yeah, that would be totally in my head!