Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And so . . .

We came through Sandy pretty okay.  I haven't checked the basement yet, but the back yard isn't under water so I'm confident the basement came through okay.  The trees are still standing, though the ground is pretty solidly saturated.  Our power stayed with us all the while--thank you, NOVEC! 

Sadly (but not surprisingly) they did not come for the old car yesterday, which means we're short on the deductible for the repairs on the new car.  Hopefully, they'll be here before then. 

Spent awhile talking to my dad on the phone today.  Just letting him know we're okay. 

Ordered a crank radio/two-way/flashlight/cell phone charger.  It's a cheap brand, Dad let me know, but it'll do for now.  I know, barn door and all that, but we'll have it for next time. 

Not sure what to do with the sandbags.  Leave 'em up?  Dunno.

I am very sad today.  A relative gave me some shocking and awful information about our Grandpa, and it's really chewing at me.  I'm not obsessing, but there's a pall.  Not even sure why--while I adored him, fact was my exposure was limited, and the last time I saw him I was 17, and he cut all ties when he moved to Ohio to live with my Dad not long after.  In fact, when he was 80 or so, he received some honor from the State of Ohio and mentioned only my Dad's "new" kids as his grandkids--left out my three cousins, my sister, and me.  Even so, it's hard, learning something awful about him.

I'm very tired.  Glad the worst of the storm went on by, sad for the folks in New York and New Jersey (and that little boy in Montrose).  Being on guard for a couple of days is emotionally draining.  But we're better prepared than we were, and the next one will be easier because we've already so much pulled together. 

Did I mention the dog finally shat?  Yeah, late last night he finally did his business outside.  We were starting to worry he would explode.

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