Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bye-bye, Sonata!

So, the tow company that was supposed to come on Monday (but we knew wouldn't be here) showed up this morning.  Picked up the car with a strange and magical tow truck contraption I've never seen before.  No hooking, no chains, just backed up with a "tow-T" and voila!  Like magic, the car was attached and off they went.  What is that, magnetic? 

Hubby's been hassling on the phone (and in person) all morning with insurance adjusters and liability folks, trying to figure out the car repair.  They're saying three grand.  They're SAYING we'll have to pay five hundred out of pocket for the deductible.  But the paperwork they gave states we owe the full amount, which really, really, really concerns me.  As we all know, what people SAY and what's WRITTEN DOWN can be two entirely different things, and what's in writing is what stands in an argument.  The last thing we need to do is hand that car over to a shop, have them fix it, and then have them refuse to hand it back without the full amount.  Which, of course, we do NOT have.

All of my hurricane path friends are accounted for.  That's good.  The pictures coming out of the lovely Jersey shore?  Terrible.  Wrenching.  Devastating.  My heart goes out to them. 

Out to put the Halloween decorations back up.  We had put up only a few to test the rat-children, and no damage was done (though I brought them back in for Sandy).  So now we're going to go full-bore and put up the lights and all.  Cross your fingers that the kids won't do a number on us.

Niece-in-law (hubby's nephew's wife) is going to be in DC tomorrow, so we'll have her over for dinner tomorrow night, then show her around the next day.  It'll be great to see her, she's a very nice young woman.  Wish her husband could be here, too--he's a marvelous guy.  I'm very fond of them both.

And that's that.  Nothing of great import to say.  Election almost here, hoping folks will remember that Mr. Romney wants to do away with FEMA.  It's good to know where you stand, should the worst happen. 

Bye-bye, car!

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