Thursday, October 25, 2012

Degrees of Inhumanity

I've been reading a lot about the Pakistani girl who was shot for championing education for girls.  Thinking about how brave she is, and about how brave her family must be, to stand up in the face of such ass backwards violence.  I also came across the story of a young Afghani woman whose nose and ears were cut off because she "shamed" her husband's family.  Then I look at the poll of 21 countries around the world, asking who they would support for President of the United Stated of America.  All but one country supports our President, Barack Obama.

The one that doesn't?


I find myself wondering where that line is?  You know, the line between "political differences" and "human rights violations."  In candidate Romney's camp, we have people who actively fight against wage equality.  THINK about that!  Romney surrounds himself with men who don't think it's important for women to be paid the same as men for the same work.  We have people in Romney's group who actively oppose making birth control easily and affordably available, even though we all know that improved access to birth control makes for fewer unplanned pregnancies, fewer abortions, and fewer welfare/housing/medicaid/food stamp claims.  Romney's camp has made no secret of the fact that it will cut student aid.  Who hurts the most when you put this all together?  Women, especially poorer women.  Pay them less, make college less attainable, limit their access to reliable, affordable health care, limit their access to affordable birth control.  Oh, and don't forget to remind them that issue borne of rape?  Is a "blessing," and it's all some deity's "plan." 

Are we there yet?  Seriously, how far does this have to go before we can agree that it represents a concerted attack on women and the gains they've made since the 1960s?  Remember, this is a party with members who support abolishing federal education mandates.  "Leave it to the states!"  How long before some backwards, backwoods holler decides that girls can stop going to school at 12 instead of 16?  That girls can marry at 12 instead of 16 or 18.  Hey, it's not a far stretch--Alabama already allows 14 year olds to marry, and many states allow girls to marry younger than boys.   

My son looked at me the other day and asked, "Is this how it all falls apart?  Will my daughters be allowed to vote?"

I don't know.  I'd like to laugh and say, "Hey, this is America, that's not ever going to happen."  But then I look around and I'm not so sure.  "Idiocracy" doesn't seem all that far-fetched anymore. 

So, Pakistan supports Mr . Romney.  I'm going to go with the more civilized places.  They're solidly in my President's camp.

Speaking of which, someone stole the firefighters next door's Obama/Biden sign.  Nice.

Anyway, that's all of that.  I don't tend to go too political here (I smear Facebook with that), but I was really stricken by the symbolism of Pakistan backing Romney.  I think it says something.

I won't even get started on corporations buying/establishing "scientific thinktanks" to challenge real science.  If you don't think that's ever happened, just look at the history of tobacco research.  And then look at climate change research.  Then follow the money.

Dang, I got started.  And now I'll stop.

Oh, real quick--looks like the weather's going to go on us in a big way.  Some talk of a hurricane meeting a cold front and producing an "epic" storm.  No telling if it will hit mid-Atlantic or farther north.  But it looks and feels like winter out there.  It's not cold, it's just a taste and a feel.  It looks grey, and it feels like it's not summer anymore.  I mowed, weed-et, filled the bird feeders, and put up the suet.  Not sure when I should overseed--when it's more reliably cold, I'm thinking? 

Even though it was 80 degrees this week, it tastes like it's going to go bad.  Gonna pick up some spare batteries and extra water this weekend.  Yay!
Looks grey.

One of the few pansies that made it to fall.

Crepe Myrtle--was in full bloom just last month, going autumnal today.

My mums tipped over.

The back--still needs work, but it was a weed lot with garbage strewn through last year. 

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