Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandybags

Manassas announced on their Facebook page that they're handing out sandbags today, so we headed straight out and grabbed our little allotment (ten) and dragged them out back in hopes of keeping the floodwaters out of the basement.  Cross your fingers, huh?

Rain is coming down in earnest now.  It's getting darker out there by the minute.  The dog won't go outside to do his business.  Have all the electronics plugged in (the camera battery plugged in AGAIN) so that, if/when the power goes out, we'll have those phones and such.  We did pick up an old-fashioned CORDED phone so that, should the power die we'll still have a land line.  Last load of dishes going because who wants dirty dishes laying about?

Bad news on the "fill the tubs" front.  Turns out neither of them is really water-tight.  Slow leak, losing an inch or so every few hours.  Great.  Worse news?  The atheist-hating neighbor (remember?  "No forgiveness, NO forgiveness!") has left a large portable steel and canvas gazebo up in her back yard.  Wind is buffetting it about already, and we're nowhere near maximum winds yet.  Prevailing wind's gonna toss that thing right at the ass end of our place.  Goodness.  Losing power--lot of flickering. Real quick, here's the atheist-crushing gazebo of Antioch:

Wind is really picking up.  Hoping NOVEC comes through and keeps the lights on. 

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