Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stop, Hey, What's That Sound?

So, I was reading about this morning, as I do most mornings, and came across a real gem.  A story of student activism and the rallying together of students in a number of states.  These students are standing up for what they believe in, they're joining forces and raising their voices against the evil of . . . healthier school lunches?

Yes, that's right.  Poor, tortured kids screaming out against the abuse of broccoli, the tyranny of skim milk, the violent oppression of lean meat and low sodium.

Holy cow, really?  Really?  Though I hate to slip into the "when I was a kid" rut, I feel absolutely obligated.  When I was a little kid, the older kids were protesting a WAR.  They were storming National Guard Armories and chaining themselves to gates to protest the invasion of a foreign country and the deaths of tens of thousands.  They were burning draft cards and risking prison.  When I was a little older?  Kids were protesting nuclear proliferation and rallying for the rights of women to be paid the same as men.  They were standing up for the integration of schools and the rights of women to enjoy reproductive freedom.  Heck, for years, people have been putting themselves on the line for gender equality.  And then there are the kids in Parsippany, in Pittsburgh, and up near Milwaukee crying out against the awfulness that is veggies with lunch.

I sure hope these kids aren't representative of their generation.  Because boy, if they are, I despair.  Talk about spoiled and inwardly-focused.  And politically nudged?  Considering the scope of Koch-type influence, that's always a possibility.  They are, after all, the masters of masking money and greed with a "grassroots" facade.

Well, enough of that.  They are just kids--there's time for them to develop an appreciation for things truly important, and maybe this silly bit of anti-veggie activism will give them a taste for something more meaningful someday.  Right?

My mind has, of late, been much on the daughter of a friend.  She's been suffering a lot of health problems lately, and has just now been diagnosed with gastroparesis.  In a nutshell, that's slowing or paralysis of the gastro-intestinal tract.  It's awful for her, she's really struggling with discovering what she can eat and how to keep from becoming seriously malnourished.  I don't have  a lot of folks who read, but if you're seeing this and you have experience with gastroparesis, please, drop me a line.  This isn't a very common thing, and there aren't a lot of professionals with in depth experience.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

It was 80 degrees yesterday (Fahrenheit, of course).  Today only 50.  Supposed to get down to 28 tomorrow night, so there go the tomatoes, huh?  Going to bring in the lavender and some of the flowers tonight--the rest will have to handle things best as they can.  No cash for potting soil right now, which is very sad--there are cuttings I wanted to bring in for rooting, but they're going to be toast by payday. 

Oh, well--next year is another day.

Edited to add--turns out I can root those cuttings in water, and grab the potting soil next payday!  Happy! 

Almost 1 pm.  Must be time to wake that boy up!

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