Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Presidential Debate

Wow.  What a low standard we have, that Romney merely has to show up, fling a few well-rehearsed one-liners, and not blunder too badly and folks call him the winner.  I'm blown away at the sheer number of lies he told without challenge.  The claims he made about health insurance (26 year olds have always been covered by their parents' insurance?), about education (sorry, Mitt--Maryland actually has the best schools, has for four years now), about taxes (come on, not even ONE economist has viewed your plan and called it anything but untenable), and about working with the other side of the aisle (yeah, Mitt, your democrats in Massachusetts didn't come into office making the vow to obstruct and damage you however possible--democrats are funny that way) were breathtaking, they were so absolutely untrue. 

Don't even get me started on how his magical plans are going to somehow fix the deficit, toss bennies to the rich, and yet somehow not be borne on the backs of the middle class and poor.  And Mitt?  Your own campaign stated you were going to slash college grants, you proposed folks should "borrow from their folks" (or maybe cash in some stocks?) to pay for college.  But now you're backpedaling on that, too.  You really will say anything to get elected, won't you?

My dream debate?  Involves a cadre of fact checkers and a big, red buzzer.  Romney'd have been drowned out by that buzzer the whole hour-and-a-half.  Sadly, too many Americans don't care.  They really do seem to feel that "by any means necessary" is a good way to do politics.  Where I grew up, if you have to lie, cheat, and intimidate to win, you're not a winner.

President Obama?  I love that you know the facts rather than spit out flash and shallow style.  But you need to call him on his crap.  Please.  Somehow, you've got to find the balance between professional and bulldog, so you can expose his lack of veracity without coming across as mean or bullying.  It can be done, you've got to figure out how. 

Stayed up until 4:50 this morning.  Just couldn't get tired.  I did manage to kick all the iPad Monopoly ass, whipped those three poor AI players handily.  If that's not pathetic, I don't know what is.

A lot on my mind.  Turns out Fairfax Radiology never sent my x-rays to my doctor.  Allegedly did so yesterday, doctor promised to call back but never did.  Plus I'm near panic-stricken over the annual inspection for the car.  We are paycheck to paycheck these days--a big repair bill could spell the end of us and car for a while.  Not even going to think about the sore hands and elevated RA levels. AND our boy wants to go to summer camp next year--a first for him.  But that's 600 bucks that's just not there right now, though we're determined to find a way.  The sad thing?  We don't miss payments, we're not in arrears on anything, but we can't get a consolidation loan to bring our payments down, which means the interest is eating our payments.  If we could consolidate, it would free up a good 800 or so bucks a month, which would leave us beyond flush.  But because our "credit to debt ratio" is too high, no one will give us a loan.  Even though we make our payments on time, and the loan would actually give us more money each month.  What a mess. 

Hey, Mr. Romney?  How about a $19,458 loan?  That's it, that's every dime of our debt, that would zero us out.  We are absolutely good for it, we'd never miss a payment.

Pretty please?

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, please, do your family and friends a favor and don't bring the phone into the bathroom with you, okay?  Unless, of course, you're looking to get someone OFF the phone.  Gotta tell ya, the sound of little gasps and grunts while I'm trying to converse?  Ew.  Really.

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