Monday, October 29, 2012

Well, it's started

It's funny--this is my first hurricane as an adult, and it's feeling a lot like labor and delivery.  It's not too bad yet, but I know it's going to get dramatically worse, and there's no way to back out.  The rain has upticked pretty impressively in the past twenty minutes or so, and they're predicting 6-8 inches in our area.  With the way our back yard takes on water with even 1-2 inches of rain, I don't see any way that basement's not going to flood.  No flood insurance, of course.  Maybe we'll get lucky.


Made all my "love you, if you don't hear from me for a few days it doesn't mean things are awful, it just means the power is out and cell service is disrupted" calls yesterday.  Then spent the day prepping--pulling together the last bits of emergency bins, clearing the closet to put them, taking care of chores that can't be done with no power, making sure the electronics are fully charged, etc.  Sadly, we only have a dozen spare D batteries.  Hopefully, we won't need more than that.  Also convinced hubby to put the garbage cans in the shed--didn't want some 70 mph gust to send them flying.

On the bright side (and speaking of garbage), they came through to pick up garbage this morning.  Poor guys--while it rocks for US that the HOA-contracted company works in a HURRICANE, it sucks for them.  Bet county didn't do pick-ups today.

Thanks, guys!
I'll be checking in when I can.  Our boy said he's "strangely excited" by the storm, and wanted to know if that was wrong.  I don't know if it's wrong or not, but big storms have always done that to me. 

Here're my first and second videos--nothing exciting:

First video--not much wind, a little rain.

Second video--you can't tell, but that wind ripped the door out of my hand, though I caught it before it could bang against the wall.

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