Saturday, October 27, 2012

Very Quick

Just a quick note--went to BJ's, grabbed some deals, still not sure who we're going with, though their hours and happy taking of coupons will likely sway us in that direction.  Putting together an emergency bin tonight--batteries, meds, first aid kit, waters, etc.  The dilemma?  Where to put it?  Upstairs, well away from any water (but possible gone with high winds), or in the basement, safe from wind but possibly under water?  I think I'm going to compromise and shoot for the closet in the hall on the main floor.  Close to where ever we need it, can haul it to the car if we need to evacuate.  I don't think we'll need to, but I am scared to death we'll wind up with a flooded basement.  No, we don't have flood insurance. 

Wondering if our auto insurance covers flooding?  Wouldn't it be hilarious if our new car wound up under water?  All flood damaged like the last one?  Oh, yeah, that would be a RIOT.

Noticed that Dominion has got wire reels and equipment distributed throughout the area, getting ready for the potential disaster.  We're on NOVEC, and we're hoping that, like with the big derecho storm that swept through in June, we won't lose power here. 

Anyway, I have to go start packing bins.  Anyone have suggestions for family photo albums?  I have a million of them, and they're too big and heavy and bulky to pack.  Shoot.  This is complicated.

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