Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waxing Political and Religious

Oh, I know, run away, right?

I came across a story this morning while perusing the online news sources.  All about the Catholic Church and how it's dropped over a million bucks to fight "gay marriage." 

Over one million dollars.

I couldn't help but ask myself, what else could the Catholic Church do with one million dollars?  Let's see, shall we?

For one million dollars (we'll forget about the over-a-million leftovers), the Catholic Church could:

*Fund the construction of approximately 20 Habitat for Humanity homes in Charleston, South Carolina. 

*Provide approximately 333,333 public school lunches.

*Pay for around 1,000 adults to transition from illiteracy to literacy and obtain a GED.

*Fully cover tuition, fees, and most books for fifty students obtaining a four year degree at Weber State University in Utah.

*Fill ten thousand cavities (that's including exam and x-ray with 1-2 surfaces, mercury amalgam).

The list goes on, but you get the point.  Instead of doing something worthwhile that actually makes a difference for Americans, the Catholic Church instead is dedicating millions toward interfering with the private lives of others.  You could call it "attempting to legislate their faith."  This from the same folks who've spent years sheltering child molesters.  Golly, yes, that's EXACTLY who should be playing arbiters of morality for America.

Okay, there's that rant over.  And now here's this, because politics doesn't have to be enraging: 

Eye of the Sparrow

Enjoy, and happy Thursday!

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